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I have Fibro and Breast Cancer just coming to the end of my treatment two more days of Radio therapy when I say end there is still tablets to take and checkups to go to. It takes 5/10 years to be clear of cancer and Fibro is for life not just a short term thing JOY. I should be happy but I feel so much worse now that I've had two breast operations Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy I do not sleep very well about 2 /4 hours and I use the bathroom up to 3 times a night. My hands and ankles swell up I've gained three stone and walk like an old lady and when I walk or stand for a long time my feet and legs hurt if I sit for to long standing up again is a bit of a struggle its a bit like unfolding a rusty chair because I do not sleep well I'm tired and forgetful I have to write every thing down and still miss appointments or get there at the wrong time or day and all I lost all my hair which did not JUST fall out it hurt like hell it was all over my pillow and everything else I combed it off then my sister bless her shaved the rest off.On the bright side my hair is growing back and is very soft if still a bit on the short side I just need my fringe to be a bit longer my daughter thinks I look like a Badger love her.For some reason I should be greatful that I'm not dead this does not help I've not worked since the 18/11/2013 I've only just got housing benefit and that's all I get so savings are going fast must get back to work soon . Things to do go swimming will have to wait awhile as you cannot swim when you are having Radiotherapy I've already started the healthy eating plan just have to get out into the garden and down to the allotment which both need a lot of work as there are lots of weeds and the grass needs cutting.The other thing I'm going to do is knitting must remember to go to the Thursday group and start going to the other groups that I belong to It's to easy to stay at home and feel sorry for your self.So I'm going out to the pud quiz with three mad friends mad ones are the best and a few ciders and will have to raise some money for charity a caner charity not sure which nurses I think and spend more time with family and friends onwards and upwards Love peace and joy to all may your god or gods go with you if you believe in gods either way I hope you all have a good life good bye for now xxxx

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I sincerely hope you are well on the way to recovery. I have to say the last part of your post wore me out just reading it with all the things you want to do, a fantastic outlook on life when you have been through so much. So hears to your continued recovery, a very uplifting post from a very brave lady. Love and hugs. Lou xxx

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Thank you xxx


Hi FlowerDragon

Thank you so much for your open and soul bearing post, it has touched my heart and I genuinely want to wish you all the best of luck for the future. This must have been such an horrendously difficult time for you and I cannot imagine how you have coped? You are truly an amazing and wonderful person.

I was wondering if you have applied for disability benefits? I have pasted you a link below to the GOV.UK site for a page called How To Claim PIP Which is Personal Independence Payment:

I sincerely hope that you are now on the path to recovery, and I am sure that you have a greater insight into everything in life than I have. My thoughts and hopes go with you on your journey.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thank you and yes one day at a time it helps that I have a great family and friends x


Know exactly how you feel. After double mastectomy, chemotherapy and herceptin my 'all clear' came after five years. My hair came back in tight curls, (I always wanted curly hair, every cloud eh!!). We have to stay positive don't we? No point otherwise. X.


Yes Good luck x


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