Support groups ?

Hi I'm still looking for a support group in the midlands ive looked on the link & on the Net but its all showing there isn't one . As my Gp is not very ofay on this condition or just could not care less . An as a family every one has such a lot going on . New Baby's , jobs ,moving House an so on i could do with an outlet an some contact with people who have same things going on . This site is good but I'm becoming more house bound an icelated my friends are good but i sometimes feel like a charity case because I'm ill all in love an heart felt best intention's . But just be nice to have some wear to go wear they understand me an me them .

Any ideas wear to look anyone because I've ran out of them xxx

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  • I suppose you could start your own group - maybe advertise a coffee get- together, and see if any like-minded folks turn up? It doesn't have to be all about fibro - maybe just people who are needing an outlet like yourself. Just a thought!

    You might also consider contacting your local Social services, who might help you to set up a group, as it is a bit of a challenge when you're ill yourself!

    Good luck, whatever you decide to do!

    Love from Moffy x

  • Hi moffy i have bean email an asked if if be interested in doing that an i have thought about it . Im my well days it would b right up my street as i did Voluntarily work for the children's Society for years an set up many a mother an baby group , toddler, group so on but Just not up to it at the min . But might b something for the future .

    Thanks though Kuga xx

  • Hi just a thought -- why don't you post a question on here "is anyone in the Midlands interested in meeting up?" Good luck!! :) xx

  • Hi phlebo i have tried but every one seams so far away but thanks for replying xx

    Kuga xx

  • How far is Walsall from you Kugagirl?

  • About 1/2 an hour x

  • About 1/2 hour in car Mdaisy???

  • There is this ME Link that seems to cover Fibromyalgia found it on Google this morning!

    I wondered whether you could contact them. I hope they are still up & running and that you can manage 1/2 journey :)

  • Thanks it closed some years ago but thank you for looking xx

  • I was looking at the wring one its moved so thank you for your help so much xxx

  • I think there is one by me in Leamington spa buy I have never been I work still but have had to cut down on the amount I do & since that I have found myself a little better I look on here all the time & find it helpful really hope you fo.d one near you xx

  • Thank you i will an my friend just said if i cod just find a couple of people perhaps together we could do one then I'm not doing it on my own so thats a thought xx

    Thank you xx kuga

  • I am in Leamington. I didn't know there was a group here. When looking, I thought the nearest was Rugby.

  • There are several groups in the Midlands but it depends where you are. If you go onto and look at the support group section that might be of help x

  • PS The Walsall group was still going last time I looked!

  • Ive just had a quick look an the address has changed fir it so ill have another look around see if i can find it thank you xx

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