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Gallbladder, op, pain, sleepy, muzzy head,

Hi All not been on latly .

Had gallbladder an liver cysts removed last saturday. Didnt think the pain would be so bad on top of my other pain has been hell,

Dopped up on pain killers over the last week carnt ,eat, toilet problems cart sit in chaire ,had a big problem with the day nurse at hospital she had no bed side manner at all,

After OP had to stay in was on oxigin, caffiter, and connected up to leg supports to help with circulation ,when i needed help to get up she was not a bit helpfull explained i had fibro, ostio and inflamitry she just said you have to keep moveing i expained i understand that but i find it hard with my joint problems and need support again she just walked out.

Hubby and son came to see me she came in to up my oxegin they said dont like her bedside manners, Night staff brill careing young male nurse was so caring and asked about the fibro and other health problems and went and explained to the sister and they came into help me a few times dueing the night to help me to move up the bed because of the oxegin as i had to be upright and to go loo

. Notthink was a problem for them. next day she was back came in no good morning how arey ou just done obbs and you can ring for someone to pick you up rang hubby went to get dressed in loo as i bent down blood came bown my legs all over the floor rang bell she came in just said thats why you needed to keep moveing ,get on the bed and

i will change your dreesing no help just walked off came back changed dressring and walked out when hubby came she came and took two kindlers out and left one in had to ask her to remove it she said she didnt see it no help to get on or off the bed came in with a suppose to be disscharge letter and handed hubby suppose to be discharge letter and said you can go now

,When walking passed the desk the porter seen how unsteady i was and said sit in the chair and took me to the car she was sat at the desk and said O yes you mite as well get the porter to take you,

Could not wait to get home . soon as i was home daughter had to do my dressing as my clothers were coverd with blood Hubby had to go asda and buy more dressing and sheet for bed 9 times my daughter had to change the dreessings then hubby at 3am at six woke up blood everywere daugher changed me and rang hospital was told had go back in .

And guess who was on her.

Doctore came took blood and my levels had dropped. was given more pain releave and examend they had to pack the it then dress it

My specilist came to see me was so nice he said i should have came back yesterday and my daughter said what had happend before i left and that she had rang on the sunday and was told just to get some dressing He turned and told her to look after me.

The only thing i can think off that i said was the day of the OP she was with the doctore and he wanted a ECG when doing it she said O i havent done one of these for a long time i have forgotten where to put the stickers and i said well i think you need more training dont think she liked it, On way out she said if anymore problems to come back or just go A anE daughter said no dont worry we will come back here as it was done privite on NHS so I dont know if she had a problem with that. and i am not the type who rings the bell every min or ask for help ,Sorry for going on but medical staff should understand the problems with fibro more instead of treating people as moaners. And on top of that my husbands mum past on friday so he was up at hers a lot but thank god my family have been brill espailly my two daughters they are the best and my two year old granson so funny,

No matter what he was doing he would run over and put his had out to help me up, when going up and down stairs would put his hands out and when i went to sit in the garden because the seats were too low he would get the cushions and put them on an chaire saying Hear are nanna so sssoso sweet .

When my hubby rang to say his mum had passed away I got upset he run over touch my face kissed me and gave me a big cuddle and said grandad and kissed the phone as if he new somethink had happend ,Sorry its so long Gental Hugs to you all xxxx

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So sorry you are going through all this, unfortunately a caring attitude cannot be taught it is part of your makeup, the attitude you encountered can only add to all the trauma of the operation and I hope with the help of your family you will recover very soon. Lou x

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Thank you Lou60

It is not what you need after a operation and hope fully not to see her again. xx


So sorry to hear what you have been through it sounds as though you have been to hell and back. I really don't know why some people work in what is supposed to be the caring profession they need a job where they have no communication with anyone. Thank goodness there were a few caring staff there and that you have a wonderful family. It is awful that during this time your mother in law died which must have made your poor husband very conflicted in where he should be. It is so touching to read what you have written about your grandson he sounds as though he is going to be a wonderful human being. I do hope that you will be feeling better soon and if you have to return to hospital you will encounter more caring staff. Soft hugs.x

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Thank you rosewine

.Yes some of the staff were brill and yes my hubby didnt now were to be but we made sure he was with his mum and and family .and my daughters stayed with me. on the nights he stayed at his mums.

As for little man he's a gem, just did not think a child that age could be so careing ,and understanding .

And hopefully not to see that nurse again. but i will be filling in a after care form and handing it in at my next appointment.

Sending soft hugs toyou too..x


Hi fibro10

I am so sorry to read that you have suffered and endured so much just recently. I am also so sorry to read of the sad loss of your mother in law. I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon and that your husband is coping with the loss of his mum?

Please take care and all my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Sounds very discouraging! I do believe you would benefit (everyone actually) from going Paleo. It has been a miracle for me in relieving my symptoms. It even reverses multiple sclerosis. Watch this

and of course check with your dr


Hi darling, I'm so very very sorry at the awful experience you had in hospital and the sad passing of your Mother In law. It does make a difference when you have Grandchildren to brighten your day and your little one sounds wonderful and caring.

I wanted to say I empathise with you, I have only just come out of hospital after having a burst diverticular pouch in bowel. The staff were totally ignorant about fibro and CFS. I had catheter and drips but was told I had to go to the bathroom to wash, carrying everything with me, plus being in agony from bowel and stomach pain. I couldn't even move in the bed let alone out of it.

I have filled in form too complaining about lack of understanding and more or less bullying plus the fact they had to try 7 times to get canular in and I've ended up black and blue. I was given wrong medication on 4 occasions but luckily I knew what I should of been taking.

I have 4 wonderful Grandsons a lot older than your cheeky chappie mine are 14, 19 and twins of 22 who kept me amused by their various antics.

It would be great if we could get a petition going about hospitals accepting fibromyalgia and CFS is a real illness and needs to be treated as such.

I'm sorry to have gone on but after reading your comment it all rang true hospitals are not made aware.

Incidentally while I was in hospital my Dad 94 was rushed in, luckily we are both home and hopefully on the road to recovery, I never want to go in hospital again.

I send you strength love and hugs and treasure every minute with your special Grandson as they grow up so quick xxxx

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Bless Your Sweet Heart!!! It's so horrible that she treated you that way!!! No reason for it!!! I'd tell your doctor about all she said and done. People like her have NO business in that position. I'm thankful you have such a loving and caring family. People should be compassionate and understanding or go into another field of work. She should be reprimanded, if not fired!!! So glad you are home honey where you have the support and loving kindness of your loved ones!!! xxxx Mitzi


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