hi everyone..has anyone had help with DLA claims etc using ..my benifit claim..[.www.mybenifitclaim.co.uk] i am going to tribunal and am at the end of my tether,so saw this site lastnight..and put in an enquiry and a very nice person rang me at 9 this morning! he said that he would work on my behalf,its a no win no fee,but hey you dont often get owt for nowt!! and he said i will NOT lose any benifits as he wont allow it to continue if he thinks its a loosing batle...so any feed back would help me...thanks xxxx

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  • I looked at their website to find out charges as no win no fee is good but what happens if you win with their help ... These are their charges ... So if you are happy with that it might help you decide what to do.

    "As with any business we will have to chargea fee for our services. We will ONLY charge you a fee if we are successful in obtaining you any form of benefit. The fee we charge is a one off fee of 30% of any arrears paid to you."

    VG x

  • thanks..its no win no fee and its 30% i said that seems a lot but then he said ok say you got £600 back dated which you will get a back dated payment..you pay us £160..to be honest VG it will be worth that as iv done everything by myself and im at the end of my tether..he said sent me the COURT TRIBUNAL form signed by myself and then he does everything else and i will have no worrys,,he will come to the tribunal,,and he said when hes got all info from DWP he will ring me and go through everything page by page to make sure everything is in order,,then when hes gone through it all he said will take a week,he then will say ...i have a good chance of winning OR you havent got a cat in hells chance,,plus he said if we proceed with the claim and go to tribunal and he feels that its going against me he will halt proccedings and that way i will be no worse off...hope you can understand all that ! lol.....so no whats your opinion? xx

  • i sent the last message before i recieved your info xx

  • I will be very surprised if you walk away from this without paying for something even if you don't win. On the plus side, if a solicitor is prepared to take on your case on this basis, it generally means you can't lose.

  • you got nothing to lose and that is very cheap for a solicitor plus you get peace of mind that he is in your corner and will fight atos for you which means you wont feel stressed which means fibro might be at ease for a while well at least take a mild break lol

  • let us know what you decide as I might need there services im still waiting to hear what is happening with my case good luck

  • hi i am taking his help..they arent solicitors but have been helping people for 21 years,if i dont win i pay nothing,i am getting forms tomorrow so i go through them carefully..but iv googled it and they do good work so nothing to lose really..and its a one off payment plus as i said he is going to go through all my file when dwp send them to him and he said he will know if it will be worth carrying on when hes read it..and also he said if he doesnt think i will win he/they will put another claim in, with them doing all the work...he has rung me twice today and said that i can rest easy as he will do all the work and all i have to do is forget it and turn up for the tribunal! that in its self is a god send,as iv always done it by myself..and he told me he has helped a lot of people on here! time will tell..xx

  • This is so weird, as I have also spoken to Liam at My Benefit Claim and have also decided to use them. He has advised that although I have asked the DWP to relook at my claim I should still go ahead with the appeal. I have to be honest, I am so relieved that someone else is going to take the strain of dealing with this.

  • hi,liam is helping me!! lol...its like a weight of my shoulders...i have sent everything in to the dwp and still they said no! i even used the DMG criteria! it beggers belief...anyway keep me posted ...i returned the court tribunal form off to liam and he rang me today to say he had got it and now will procced...xx

  • Hi, that is funny that we got the same person, lol. Just deciding to use them, already I feel so much better in myself. I just cannot believe what we have to go through. The fact that we are under medical supervision and have been for years and diagnosed with these real illnesses should be enough.

  • hi,what i liked about my chat with liam he said that i wont lose anything as when he gets all info from dwp hes ringing me and going thru everything to make sure he has everything,then it will take about a week for him to go thru it all..then he will ring and say one of three things..i stand no chance...i stand a good chance ..or win win!..and he comes to the tribunal and says if he feels its going against me he will halt proccedings so what ever happens i dont lose what i allready have..to me thats fair enough...30% sounds a lot but really its 30% of nothing as we havent got anything yet!..plus he said if i dont win then he will fill in new forms for a new claim!..the fee we will pay will come out of any backdated payments so im happy with that...what are your thoughts? xxx

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