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Thank "Fog" its Friday..... ;-) x

Thank "Fog" its Friday..... ;-) x

So if some of you recall I mentioned having a positive Friday day.. and a member kindly wrote about calling it Thank Fog its Friday... sorry I am unable to recall who but send a huge hug as its brilliant.. So here it is a Thank "Fog" its Friday.. the point of this is to only post any positive comments... so it could be something that has been great for you this week and brought smiles through the pain.. and fog..:- or maybe something that has been a blessing since diagnosis.. a poem, a joke.. in fact anything no matter how small as long as its a positive...

So fibrofighters.. lets get together and Thank "Fog" its Friday....

At the beginning of the week I noted a great positive blog to share... but... I know, dont laugh.. you know whats coming... I misplaced it... well mmm I mean I forgot where I put it... I know its in there somewhere... my mind is searching, its cloudy, Im swimming.. infact I can see myself doing the breaststroke... theres some clarity on the horizon... are yes there you are.. oops no thats another fibro fog wave... just a minute I'll get over that, or under it.. mmm or maybe if I just move it to the side... no better still just jump on the board and surf the wave!!! I'll find it tomorrow... ;-)

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This week Fibro Fighters I saw my Granddaughter walk for the first time - I had to hide behind my hands and then she toddled off across he room as soon as I dropped my hand she stopped. LOL I will walk on my terms but she is only ten months Love her . This realy maid me smile and when thinking back about the week it was the only really sunny thing that happened. Hope you all have Happy tales xgins


What a fantastic moment gins... wonderful.. what a little star... Happy days and magic moments create fabulous memories.. ;-) x


And so the glimmer of the week.. in my search to find laughter amidst the pain.. laughter can assist in a great coping mechanism for fibro.... laughter heals, laughter releases happy hormones ( as does exercise.. but im sticking with laughter).. a smile is catching... just remember to return it... ;-)

Son.... Mum can we have a roast dinner today even though it isnt Sunday.

Mum... sighs.. exhausted from the fibro fight...Okay son but I will need your help.

Son... Sure thats fine, what shall I do?

Mum... Well if you can get the vegetables out of the washer, put them in the toilet and turn on the fridge. ?!!

Son... Pause... &^%?!!"*&(())???....Longer Pause... ahhh... Okay Mum got it... get the vegetables from the freezer, put them in the pan and turn on the oven!.

Mum... Yes Son thats just what I said.

Son... Yes Mum I learned fibro speak a long time ago...

And this was only on Tuesday...cant wait till Sunday.. weve got our own special language my son and I....

Wishing you a fantastic *smiley* Thank "Fog" its Friday.




Hi Lacey that was both funny and explained a lot too. I speak to my husband sometimes and tho I think I have said the right thing his face says I haven't !! I even repeat it and still I cannot see it is wrong. But it does make us laugh too.

You cheered me up today as I am not so good x x x

Gentle hugs

Rainbowdancer x


Hugs... ;-) x And a little laughter.. not sure if appropriate but funny all the same... A joke that a friend passedon because apparently it worked for her today.

A doctor on TV said to have inner peace we should always finish things we start & we will all have more calm in our lives.

I looked around my house to find things I'd started & hadn't finished, so I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Jin, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiuminun scriptins, an a boks a chocletz.

Yu haf no idr how fablus I feel rite now.

Sned this to all who need inner piss. An telum u luvum!

;-) x


The conversation you just wrote down made me really laugh! :D

Occasionally my own mother will say things 'Can you put these towels in the kitchen for me?' Meaning bathroom - she argues and says 'Same difference :) after all.. they both have a sink!';) As far as I know she doesn't have Fibro, but we still all have a laugh about it - especially when we have guests round! :)

You should have heard the conversation me and my Dad said yesterday about dinner. 'But I can't eat my dinner.. the plate is soo hot it's impossible to hold.'

Dad: 'So you use the cloth.'

Me: 'I talk about when I'm eating it.'

Dad: 'Yeah so..use the cloth.' (Confused because I had already used the cloth. How was the cloth going to help me eat exactly?)

Me: 'I'm talking about when I'm EATING it'

Dad: 'Use the cloth!'

Me: 'But how can I eat it when the plates hot. You know. When I'm physically eating it. Using my HANDS.' (I said exasperatingly.)

Dad: 'You CAN'T eat it in the living room with us (I wanted to eat with my parents but got out the bath too late, so parents had retired to the living room for the evening)'

Me: 'That what I said.'

..Utterly pointless. :) But then again, this is the sort of pointless stuff my Dad and his teenage daughter clash about. xx


Sorry bit of an error. Had used the cloth to take the plate out of the oven (the plate had made the oven hot) and couldn't see any connection with the cloth helping me to eat. Also the comment should be somewhere up there. :) xx


My son just vacuumed his bedroom :)

VG x


Ahh bless how lovely.. see smiles all round.. ;-) x


This weeks Thank fog its Friday saw us get confirmation that I had been granted carers alloownace for my daughter which means I will get income support. So a reasonable friday for me xxxxx


Right at the end of the day, my OH and I were experiencing a little pre-sleep grouchiness, especially as I had to go back downstairs to get my last load of painkillers. Our mild bickering was cut short by my knees giving way 5 times as I was talking, and we both ended up in hysterics, laying across the bed! Thank fog for Friday giggles! Xx


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