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If it doesn't rain it pours

Went to the eye clinic yesterday as can't see very clearly out of my left eye and have pain in it, been refered for surgery, seems I have something with a long unutrable word, then had my PIP assessments this afternoon, it took an hour and I was in agony, I am 6ft tall and the chairs were very low I had to take pain relief during the interview. Not sure how it went due to not being able concentrate due to the pain in my spine, there were no other bigger chairs available. So not the best 24 hours I have ever had, gone to bed shattered, wish I vould get some sleep, had very little the past few nights.come to think about it ibwas not asked about sleep paterns or fatigue, do they not take itvinto consideration for PIP? Hope you are all well.

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Sounds as though you have had a rough 2 days. Sorry to hear that you have to have eye surgery but good they have caught it before more damage was done. I think that you had to take more medication in the middle of the PIP examination can only be for the good. I am sure they put some of the seating in to test us out to see how we are at getting in and out of awkward seating. I am not sure how they look upon fatigue and sleep patterns with PIP as it is all about what help you need in your daily existance and how your health effects movement, preparing meals and bathing yourself, etc. If the fatigue makes you forget your medication so you have to be given it or prompted to take it it would count or if you were so fatigued that you kept on tripping over or forgetting things and were a danger to yourself or others that would also count. If you narrowly miss out on points that could be a good point to bring up. Hope that you get the right decision on your PIP.


Hi sophie22

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so unwell today, and I hope that your eye surgery is not causing you too much stress and worry? I want to wish you all the best of luck over your PIP assessment, and I genuinely hope that you can ascertain your PIP.

I also hope that you start to feel more like your usual self as soon as possible.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Hope all gos well with ur pip,I'm sure fatigue will b taken into account,constant pain is draining on anyone with chronic pain like we have,iv just got over eye surgery myself in July I have my 2nd op nex week on the other eye,hope all goes well for u Hun xxxx


What a day Sophie well I hope you managed some rest and today brings better outcomes :) xgins


sophie-can't imagine how taking medication in the middle of your pip can be anything other than helpful in showing how much pain you live with day in and day out. am so impressed that you not only made it through a very difficult and frightening exam regarding your eye and still managed to get to your assessment. pat yourself on the back. long difficult day but you made it! am sorry that you will be facing surgery on your eye. i think we all dread any procedure/surgery with our eyes so would guess it puts extra stress on you. do you have a date for your surgery? do you have someone there for you who can drive you there and back plus be there if you need help? i know i wouldn't be able to manage without my husband who has been amazing ever since got ill starting with fibro and like everyone else adding one problem after another. hope you have same type of support. if not, hope there is some way to get you assistance. would imagine you are beyond exhausted today so hope you are able to get some rest..


I have a family of 12, 5 are children, they all try to help, Bless them! I am very blessed on the family side although they do sometimes have the nack of dissappearing when you need them, I do have very helpful friends who fill in when my working family can't, my friend took me for my PIP assessment and sat in with me as family were all working. Not got any dates for eye surgery, I hate anything to do with eye's, hopecthey knock me out!


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