Imminent PiP Home Visit


I'm fairly new to this forum, but I must say I find it very interesting & supportive.

Just as a little background I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 18 months ago. They still haven't got my pain, sleep or general malaise under control.......or at least a little more stable. What isn't helping is that I also have active crohns in my ileum, having had my large intestine removed a few years ago due to ulcerative colitis.

The medical term is that I'm in a bad place at the moment as the 2 conditions are exasperating each other!!

On Thursday morning I'm due a home visit to enable a PiP assessment to be carried out. I wish they could have visited today or yesterday, when after approx 3 hours sleep over Sun & Monday nights I physically couldn't get out of bed due to chronic fatigue and widespread pain!!

Has anybody else had a home assessment??

What sort of things have I got to look forward to??

Can anyone give me any pointers??

This is my first time claiming anything, after working in the same job for 30 years and I'm just afraid that I won't get across how I'll I feel on a daily basis.

TIA of any support and replies xxxx

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  • As I live in states my only advice would make a list of everything you can think of that causes you problems and start a pain journal. Hugs and hope all goes well for you

  • Good morning sweetheart,

    The assessment will take approx 30 - 60 minutes, it will consist of confirming details on your claim form etc before launching into how your condition(s) affect your daily life.

    It is mainly a question and answer session from an assessor who (on the whole) not medically trained!

    Make some notes!

    Think back to your worst days, explain in GREAT detail the pain you experience, how this takes over your life completely, the fatigue you feel.

    You'll need to explain how fibro prohibits you, who helps you and how demoralised you are.

    Good luck

  • Also remember ,if you cannot do the activity,reliably as often as needed with no problems and safely.,reasonably ie within a reasonable time no more than twice as long as someone able ,safely ,every time then you must answer that you are not able to do it.This is their own govt.Guidelines .You might want to look up P.I.P descriptors guidelines also there are definitions of the Govt. Guidelines re P.I.P. As well often found on health websites like fibro ,or M.E, helpsites.In future remember you are allowed at the original phonecall to request a Govt. Funded tape recording of the interview.They must leave you with a copy before they leave.If you were to record it you need to furnish them with a copy before they leave.This is your right.It states so in the letters they send in small print( i wonder why?) Also you are allowed someone in the room to take notes for you.Simple yes and no harder for them to get WRONG? When they write down what you say Some people have found their examiners have falsified what has been said .They will be assessing you from the moment someone opens the door for you to let them in!! Also you have a right to decline to do any activity that will exacerbate any greatly painful part that may be extra tender???? Good luck.( ive been bedbound and in reciept DLA top rate nearly 8 years with Fibromyalgia,cfs,anaemia poor mobility main problems.

  • Elaborate if need be descriptions of difficulty doing any task,how it affects what you can or cannot do,if you cant do it who does it for you ,etc...They are there to assess what you can do,dont forget cognitive problems like fog,forgetfulness problems with short term memory following sequential instructions remembering numbers or task,and also ensure you stress thr emotional LABILE swings and feelings of depression APATHY ,any Anxiety attacks ,People often underestimate the mental health problems and it seems that the combination of Accurately described physical and mental social problems are more sucessful in outcome .

  • Debi Hi not had Assessment but Trully Hope it is Fair to you and your needs. Lol Jan. X

  • Sorry about the format of my post being in peices,a last reminder is beware examiner thinking that you can easily read a book ( i know i cant as i forget the previous lines very quickly) or be under the mis apprehention that you are able to watch tv for an hour or more.Most people with fibro are often light and sound sensitive and cannot bear background noise preferring silence over people speaking,especially more than one person as the brain cant cope with the multiple overload and make sense of whats being said? Goodluck.They do not furnish you with notes and you can only see what they have written if you appeal and only then i think the appeal has to be your second try? It seems a COMPLICATED SYSTEM shall we say. .Goodluck.If you dont get what you are entitled to according to your illness ,keep appealing,make sure you report every symptom to your doctors and ask them to ensure that any new problems are dovumented .

  • Brainchick, sorry for muscling in but so interested in your comment about the preferring silence and not understanding the conversation with more than one person, this is so me , I havnt been diagnosed with fibro but seem to have soany of th symptoms and if I'm in a room where more than two people are having a talk I can't follow it at all and hate noise , thank you for that x

  • No problems,the average time scale for most people being diagnosed is anything between 18 mnths to a few years.

    There are many people who are not diagnosed yet.

    Best wishes.

  • Thank you x

  • Hi there

    From what I've read and seen, diagnosis can actually take decades. As more health professionals are aware of Fibro now, I think people are being diagnosed much quicker now.

    Lu xx

  • To avoid the 'it's all part of my Fibro ' tendency I really would advise anyone experiencing hearing difficulties to get their hearing checked by an audiologist to rule out any hearing loss which could be helped with hearing aids etc.

  • Brilliant advice Brumchick!! One any aides you have around the house! Perch stool, litter picker, shower seat, crutches and sticks placed around the house etc!....Mental health issues baffel them so put this into the conversation when asked about suicidal thoughts etc!...♥♥

  • Hope all goes well, let us know how you get on, big hugs to you x

  • Make sure you got some one at home with you to let them in so you don't have to get up just tell them about your bad day not good ones good luck xx

  • Sorry its so late, just seen your post. I would definitely advocate someone being with you. Hopefullly somone who knows how you struggle and can remind you of the things you will forget. All the best

  • My daughter is going to be with me to open the door, etc. Because you just know that "fibro fog" is going to hit when you least expect it.

  • I have not personally been through anything of this nature but I can see that you have been given loads of useful advice, so I will just genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best pf luck with your assessment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken & everyone else for your well wishes and this space!!! 🙏😘

  • How did it go Debi ? Hope it was okay xx

  • Hi,

    Thanks for asking Tabbz.

    How do we know how well these things go......??

    I tried to make it as clear (and convincing) as posssible the impact fibro has on my daily life.

    He then wanted to carry out a "gentle physical test". I had already made it clear I couldn't go up the stairs on my own, so the test consisted of arm & leg movements. I hope the tears it caused were enough to convince him, but who knows!!

    My daughter was there with me & she was brilliant, she picked up on a lot of things and gave more detail.

    So.........fingers, legs & everything else crossed 🙏😘

  • Think they must be tightening up as I have been trying now for 3 year with no luck,I ask for a blue badge back in Feb as I have worsting pain from my waist down from fibro for the last 5 years and they said no.

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