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If only it were that simple!!!!

I have just been told by in a very superior voice by someone I know that was diagnosed about two months ago "fibromyalgia is all about the nerve endings you know, I've been given some cream made with chillies that when you rub it on your skin the brain tells your body that it is hot and not in pain". Having had fibro for about 5 and a 1/2 years I wish it were that easy, I was so bad yesterday that I didn't even get washed and dressed or go and see my Mum as I usually do on a Sunday.

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Hmm let he or she get on with it,best of luck .We experts know different,tell them to try and not be so clever ,they will only eat there own words,very painfully i hope,sos didn't mean that.Does this person wear a sombrero and play a guitar,sorry but that is how far away chilli cream Jacksiex.


Could I please order a truck full of this miracle cure! I am afraid it is another case of ignorance of Fibro. If it were that easy we would all be smothering ourselves with chillies, incidentally not a wise thing to do, we would end up with first degree burns and that's the last thing we need on top of everything else! :O

I think I will stick to my meds, rest, warmth, eating sensibly, drinking enough and trying to keep my stress levels down whilst eating the odd Chilli con Carne, a much more sensible option! ;) :P

Hope you feel better really soon Lynne! (((hug))) xxx


Hi everyone,

Most research mentions Fibromyalgia to be a neurological problem (research continues) and the issue may be that the brain is lacking in certain neurotranmitters whilst others are elevated that shouldn't be. There is also mention of the difficulty of regulating certain fluctuating chemicals & hormones So, I agree that it appears to be a more complex illness than some people realise.

However, on the post you talk about heat cream and I think you may be referring to a cream made from Capsicum pepper. I have used this prescription cream but cannot at present because of my baby as it would no be any good if transferred to her skin. I personally found it alleviated some of the pain in conjunction with my medications. Some research states that we have 3 times the amount of Substance P (a chemical that is excitable from pain ) meaning we experience heightened pain because of this . As healthy people have a third of the amount of this substance. Capsicum pepper has been reported to have properties to reduce the Substance P to some degree and therefore reduce some pain experience if used regularly.Sometimes what works for one individual does not suit another as we know

You may consider talking to your health Professional about pain relief creams.

Hope this helps



My GP gave me some capsaicin cream, which i believe is produced from chillies. It acts as a counter- irritant, to reduce the pain signals reaching the brain.

I rubbed some on my knees, and it did relieve the pain quite a bit, but the resulting hot sensation was so unpleasant that it cancelled out the pain relief. Another good idea hits the dust!

I do find that a good, hot curry makes me feel a bit better, tho'!


Although it sounds good I do not think I want to attack my body with anything that comes from the hot and fiery range lol. But if it works for some then that can only be a good thing xxxxx


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