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Bad bad day

Hi friends.

Not having a good day today.

Had a rough one yeaterday and in the muddle of my mind I went to bed last night forgetting to take my meds. Due to my original accident and my fibro I take a drug called oxycontin. Its an opiate so must be taken on time or I find myself in all sorts of hell.

Forgetting it basically sends my body into mass withdrawals (basically like a heroine addict) it was 3 am and I was shaking, sweating, and I could feel the blood in my body. My whole body was having restless syndrome. Those of you who suffer restless leg syndrome will know what that would be like. Instead of it being in just my legs it was writhing through my whole body. However because of my pain (now even worse as I hadnt taken my tablets) I was unabke to move about to try and ease the restless syndrome.

I had no idea I had forgotten my tablets. It finally dawned on me around 4 so I took them and it tgen took an hour nearly to get into my system.

My pain has been made worse by the recommended exercises I did yesterday morn.

My physio has been on at me to get back in the pool. Swimming (or rather bobbing around in the water) was something I took up on her reccommendation ages ago but owing to the fact I cant go on my own my mum has to come with me and they charge about 6 pound per person. Am only on ESA and am in all sorts of trouble money wise so it is just too expensive.

Anyway, as I have been suffering more and more, my mum paid for us to go and it was wonderful. It is so nice to be weightless for that hour. I love it so much. However I got carried away. Not realising, I over did it. It was only when I got out and became very much NOT weightless I instantly became a plank of wood. It got worse from then.

So thats ghe story from my last 24 hours. Last night was my 4th, maybe 5th (have lost count now) night of hardly any if no sleep at all. I have had 2 maybe 3 hours maximum.

Having physio tomorrow so am going to beg for the acupuncture like last week. I had a full night nearly after that so hopefully I will again.

Why is everything so hard?

No money, can't pay for treatments that I know will help. Can't move. Getting upset about everything then that makes fibro worse.

Poxy poxy illness.


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That sounds utterly awful. You're in my thoughts and i'm sending you lots of happy, healing vibes and *hugs* xxxx


I',m having one of those days I had just done you a great long reply and was about to press submit when my computer shut itself off! Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. It is bad enough not sleeping but to have forgotten your meds because of the exhaustion and having to go through those terrible withdrawl symptoms as well as the increased pain makes matters worse. I have done that before now and use one of those pill dispenser things now so I can tell whether i have taken my tablets or not but all my painkillers won;t fit in so I am thinking of having one for my other tablets and one for my painkillers so I can keep absolute track of everything. It must have been lovely to get in the water but of course it is so easy to overdo things and as you say it is not until you get out that you realise how much you ahve taken out of yourself. I know in some areas you can get so many swimming sessions on prescription is that the case in your area. I went to teh pain clinic yesterday and when I said I was being referred to a physio because I have now developed moderate osteo in both hips on top of all my other problems he said to ask the physio whether he would prescribe me hydo therapy sessionsso I am keeping my fingers crossed on that one but won;t buy a cossee yet. It must be very frustrating to see all these different treatments that might be able to help you and you can;t afford them. I do hope you can get some more acupuncture this week and have another good nights sleep as it would make such a difference to your mood. Fingers crossed for you and soft hugs sentx


Hi EandA

I am so sorry to read that you are having such a rough time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this. I always find that when I over do things that I suffer horrendously for it! It must be lovely though to immerse yourself in the swimming pool? I really wanted to do Hydrotherapy but my Physiotherapist ruled it out because of my COPD, so it was a non-starter.

I want to wish you all the best of luck, and I sincerely hope that you start to feel more like your usual self as soon as possible.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I had a course of hydrotherapy and found it helpful at the time, had a setback during the first session, I was given a long float (a noodle) was told to put it under my foot relax the leg and allow the float to gently raise my leg, well, I wasn't ready, my leg shot up in the air at great speed, I had not done that in many a year and don't plan to again. Wishing you well Lou xx


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