Bad Day

Hi ,thought i would share my day After a sleepless night full of pain,went in to work this morning and had to use my stick (usually only use it on the way home)and got told by a colleague that i had my work shirt on inside out (how did i do it up and not notice?) day deterioated after that,only did 4 hours overtime but by the time i got home was totally exhausted and spent the rest of the afternoon in bed.Now up but got no energy and have sharp stabbing pains all over especially legs,vision is really blurred today.Thanks for listening,from an undiagnosed but certain she has it fibro sufferer gentle hugs to you all xxxx

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  • I feel for you sending hugs , why arnt you diagnosed yet . it only took my gp a month to diagnose me xx

  • Hi, Why have you not been diagnosed?

    Soft Hugs x x x

  • awful gp-just keeps bunging me different pills (gabapentin at mo ) have seen two different nuerologists but no further on.Going back next week,only just found this site and am now totally convinced i have it,just have to convince him.Every symptom i have is shared by one of you.To finish my day my ibs has flared up ad i have a lump in my throat like i have swallowed a golf ball-bed soon i think ,thanks for taking the time to comment both of you xxx

  • just to send love, understanding and hugs x

  • thankyou,you are really kind xx

  • Awwww so sorry to hear of your terrible day, sending you gentle,warm and healing hugs,go see your G/P ASAP! Love Della xxx

  • thankyou,i have an appointment booked for next week ,hopefully he will listen this time


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