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Just signed up for this. Found it very interesting that I was trying to find out what was causing the 'strange feeling' I have been experiencing during the night and it took me to a fibro site! It's a really hard feeling to explain but it's as if I need to keep moving about and is like restless leg syndrome but all through my body!

I've had fibromyalgia for 16 years but have only been experiencing this weird feeling recently. Interestingly I was changed onto Duloxetine 6 months ago and am wondering if that's the cause.

Looking forward to seeing what other people have to say.

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Hello domfan a warm welcome to our friendly fibro site where you can get advice, support,help and understanding along with a chuckle or two to lighten the day.

Have you seen our Mother Site ? Here you will find a wealth of information including links and guides.

The forum can be a little quiet at weekends, so please don't be put off if there are not many replies.

I am not familiar with Duloxetine, but I am wondering if that is a side effect of taking it. Does it say anything about side effects in the Patient Information Leaflet?

It is odd but true, that many of us have different symptoms, which include Restless Leg and nerve pain throughout the body. Fatigue is another which many suffer from too.

If you look to the right in blue you will see Topics which will have information and members experiences about Symptoms and Treatments along with other subjects.

Also to the right you will see Pinned Posts. Please do read these as they will help you get the most out of the forum and includes instructions on how to lock your posts.

We take internet security very seriously here, as any unlocked post can be seen by anyone using the internet including Facebook. It also means your replies are unlocked too, and that can be a bar to members who would like to reply but do not wish to have private or personal information available to all.

If you would like me to lock for you, please say.

I hope we see more of you around the forum, I think you will feel pleased you have joined us. :)



Hi domfan

Welcome to the gang.

Sorry you have fibro.

I suffer RLS and sometimes I can have the same feeling in my body, but not regularly.

I have been on Fluoxetine for sometime now and been on.

Other members will be along andI'm sure someone will have a better answer for you.

Hope to chat soon.

Take care xx


I take 40mg each morning. I find they help me on the whole.

I go through stages where I struggle but I don't want to higher the dose.

Angie X xxx


Hi, I get this regularly. During the day, it makes me have to keep getting up and walking about.

It gets worse in bed, I constantly fidgeting about through it. Amitryptaline and Pain killers, calm it down.

It usually gets worse when I'm getting a flare up.

I have been on Duloxatine for a couple of years and was on Citalopram for well over 12 years before and I've had this sensation since this all began in 2004 so, for me, I know it's definitely the Fibro.

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I didn't realise you could take Amitryptaline along with Duloxetine. Will have to mention this to my doc. Thank you.

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Hi domfan

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing these horrid symptoms and I have pasted you an excerpt below from *Google about Duloxetine:

*Duloxetine, sold under the brand name Cymbalta among others, is mostly prescribed for major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain. Wikipedia

Molar mass: 297.4146 g/mol

CAS ID: 136434-34-9

I have also pasted you a link to the **British National Formulary NICE cache on Duloxetine side effects:

**British National Formulary NICE

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Thanks Ken, I did look up the side effects but can't really find a word that explains the feeling I get.


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Good luck my friend


Welcome to the forum, i cant help with your question but im sure some of the wonderful kind oeople here will help you.

I did wake up with a strange feeling in the night and then realised that the nightmare i had where i got married wasnt a dream!, it took me 10 years a house and 2 solicitors to treat it which considering i would have only got 7 years for manslaughter wasnt much of a deal.



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