I just spent ages typing a reply to someone, trying to be helpful. It was very long and took ages. I was really trying to help.

Pressed submit and it went blank then totally disappeared! !!!!

I am sharing this as now I feel very cross and slightly bemused ha.

I was really pleases with myself too as it was actually a post similar to me and my experience so felt I was really contributing.

Oh well, that'll teach me for being clever :)

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  • Hi EandA

    I am so sorry to read that this has happened to you. I have advised members in the past that if they are writing a particularly long reply that it may help to write it on a word document first and then copy and paste it just in case something goes wrong? I genuinely hope that this helps you for next time?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • This has happened to me before, I'm now on a mission to find a course that will help me relearn how to find my way around a computer, I say relearn because I attended one years ago and I've forgotten most of it, and the problems I have with my mobile phone etc. xxLou

  • I understand exactly where you are coming from, if you haven't really used one much for a long time and everything on computers these days changes so often that you constantly need refresher courses! Good luck with your course when you find one.

  • I do that all the time ,it's really annoying I think I catch the cancel button by mistake ,story of my life sometimes :d x

  • I use to do that all of the time, that's why I started writing long posts on a word document separately beforehand and then once I am finished I can just get rid of the document!

  • Hi Ken,

    I thought I was quite with it on my pc, then I was given a samsung tablet at Christmas, nothing works like the way my really old pc did. I'm working up to learning copy paste on polaris office! I've just learned how to do snapshot! photograph my page, maybe I could do that & share it. As I say still learning.

    Take Care x

  • Hi honor1

    I know exactly what you mean! I once borrowed a laptop off a friend and I felt like I have never used a computer before! I soon gave up with it!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi AandE,

    You are not alone, it happened to me couple of times, then I just typed snipets of what I had written & lost. looked for undo but couldn't see it. I'm more careful now. Take Care xx

  • I am always doing it and have no idea what on earth our good friend Ken is talking about.

    I never used a computer until after i was diagnosed and am almost completly self taught.

    Might be time to find the book `computers for dummies `if i can remember where i left it. :O

  • Mayrose54

    Very good, I like that response xx

  • I'm more careful now too, having done this a few times. It is easier than you might think to hit the delete key instead of submitting! Or something like that. I don't know why.

    All computers should come with a text program like notepad. Use this, like Ken said, if you have a long reply you want to make. Makes it harder to lose all that work and thought. (though I sometimes find I can edit my thoughts better even if I kill the first attempt)

    You can just start a document, save it, then type your reply. Save it frequently as you type it so you don't accidentally lose it.

    When you are ready to post it, use control (for PC) or command (for Mac), hold that key down and press the A on the keyboard. You will see that this selects all the words.

    Now use the control or command key and press the C onthe keyboard.

    Open the page where you want to make the reply, place your cursor in the reply box, use the control/command key again and press the V. There you have it.

    You may still need to read that "Computer for Beginners" book since I know how the fog can interfere with reading and switching to another program on the same computer, etc., etc.

    But I hope this helps.

  • Ya what. ??????????????????

  • Oy. Gotcha, I'm just a moderator on another forum and do tutorials all the time. (though I have been absent from there for quite a while since my symptoms are increasingly piling up and /or getting worse)

    Sorry to confuse the issue mayrose!

  • It happens to me so often now on this site since the upgrade that I mostly just read. It isn't my tablet as it doesn't happen on other sites.


  • Exactly the same thing happened to me earlier when I tried to answer a post. So frustrating!

  • I find on the tablet, if your finger hoovers over something while you dicide next word it can delete! Xx

  • I see this is two days ago, so your frustration has subsided. But I just wanted to share with you that I do the same thing. You put your heart and soul into something and t h enough, poof! It's gone! And then you don't feel like repeating yourself, so you don't. Been there! =)

  • My frustration has not subsided at all. I'm fed up. Every time I press submit something goes wrong! Either the post dissapears or is there two or three times and I have to delete some, don't think this new site likes me :'-(

  • Hello, it's happened to me also, and not only on here, it happens on other sites as well.

    Also I am happy to say, I have been know to 'Zone out' and spend a little too long playing with our friend Fibro Fog, and when I suddenly realise I am sitting here just staring at the screen and get back to finishing what I was typing, click to reply and or post only to find I have been logged out due to inactivity etc. Sometimes I do manage to start over and actually manage to write what I wanted, more often it's a choice between... Start laughing at the 'Fun Filled Fantasy Factory That is our Friend Fibromyalgia' ... Or ... Start swearing and cursing at the 'Fun Filled Fantasy Factory That is our Friend Fibromyalgia'. And on the odd occasion I just shrug my shoulders and disappear back into the Fog.

    Hope today finds you a little better than yesterday.

    Blessings Be

    Drew x

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