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Severe Pain all over and having to come to work! :-(

I have been feeling really severe pain all over especially in the whole of my upper body & chest for ages now but over the last week it has besome unbearable :-( I can't lift my arms at all!

My GP wanted to sign me off of at least 3 weeks but i can't afford the time off work as i'm the main wage earner! :-( I feel really guilty if i'm off work as i only get sick pay :-(

I 'm in a mess and don't know what to do!..........

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OH honey, it's not fair is it, i can't imagine what your going through and i have nothing to say that could help all i can offer you is that my heart goes out to you. Sending you lots of fibro hugs xxx


Know how your feeling about work!..Im off at the mo but ppl dont really understand or dont want to because they cant see what were feeling!


I so feel for you :-( I had to give up going out to work because I couldnt cope with the journey (80 miles per day) so I went back to being a foster carer and I'm not managing that very well :-( The stress is causing me so much pain (and possible Angina :-( ) so I have a placement coming to an end soon and I AM going to take some time on the sick. I hate the thought of it as I have been independant for the last 30yrs but I have reached the point if I dont take some time for me and rest I wont be here much longer. Good luck hun, hope things get better for you. (((((gentle hugs)))))))))))))))xxxx


Is this a common thing ? I haven't been able to lift my arms for over a year now. Doctor said it was a frozen shoulder when it started in my right arm, but now it is in my left arm as well !!

I can't even scratch my lower back anymore and putting on bras is a nightmare (even getting dressed is because you don't realise how much you lift your arms until you can't). I had to give up my job as a typist because my arms and neck would lock and I was in so much pain. Trouble is that when you give up work there are no benefits available as there is no longer incapacity benefit. I am currently living on my DLA (yes they said I was disabled, but ATOS won't), and finding it impossible. My rent is currently more than I am getting !! but no benefit, no housing benefit so its a catch 22 situation.


appeal the esa - ask admin for the benefits & work info.

I think you need to see the cab and a welfare rights advisor.



I was like that on Friday, had to work 24 hrs , sleep in between, but I struggled, so had the Sunday off instead, I get sick pay so I'm lucky, but the issue that keeps me going to work is I don't want too loose my job due to my condition and sick days, it's tough it really is cos there's been times, a few I might add, that I really havnt felt like work but had to drag my weary arse to work, very tricky to balance

Nicki xxx


Sorry you are having to drag yourself into work with a flare up. I know that feeling all too well. There have been times when I've had to drag myself round the office holding onto furniture and this has made me feel so self-conscious. I'm off on long term sick ATM and worried about the repercussions. I'm lucky cos I get sick pay at full pay at the moment but I feel sorry for those who don't. S.S.P is a joke. How is anyone supposed to survive and pay their rent/mortgage on such a pittance?

I hope you can relax when you get home

Healing thoughts

Storm x


Don't rely on doctors to give you a correct diagnosis. You will end up like a vegetable like me. They just prescribe pain killers and anti depressants. They don't actually care about your health, they just want you out of the surgery. Good luck.


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