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feeling a tad down :(

oh joy theres no more meds the docs can/will give me

so all I can take are the nefapam and tramadol even though one makes me scratch half my skin off and doesn't really take any of the pain away and the other one that does take about say 5% of the pain away makes me throw my guts up for ages after ive taken it along with the dizziness, impaired memory and headaches

he said about the only thing that might help is cannabis (like I hadn't already found that out myself)

so basically the only way I can manage my pain is through legal meds that don't really work and make me feel even worse , or I get the illegal kind .... oohh or I just carry on trying to manage as best as I can , thanks for letting me rant , gentle hugs x

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Hi there,Iam so sorry to hear your feeling so down and it dosent seem fair that your g.p should say that to you.Have you been referred to the pain management clinic?There are lots of different meds that you can try for fm.Have you tried the pain managent programme yet?Maybe you should try seeing a diffent g.p if it was your g.p that told you that.I really hope that you get the treatment that gives you some relief soon.Someone recommended Bowen therapy to me on this site for fibro so Iam going to try it for myself this week x


yeah done the pain management thing they were nice but all they could offer was advice on how to manage fibro , after nearly 17yrs of it I know how to manage it I just want a little help with the constant pain , thing is though I really have tried lord knows how many different meds all the anti depressants and the ones for epilepsy the so called pain relievers and I seem to be resistant to them ...I even tried morphine in the hopes that might work and nope nada not a blooming thing :( some one said acupuncture worked for them bit last time I tried that I ended up with migraines from hell and my fear of needle type things went up more so than it was , theres only 1 more gp surgery near us and you never see the same doctor twice and I know this sounds silly but its a huge place with lots of people in it and that scares me silly im no good in large groups ...I will look at the bowens therapy though and see what that's all about thanks hun :) x


Do hopeu get some relief soon, as grumpy sys I would defo change doctors or go back o him ad say you want a referral to another doc preferably a fibro doc...wish u well gentle hugs to you....By the way what is the bowens therapy what does it entail ? Dee x


It's a holistic method of realigning the body the simplest way of explaining it is its about an hour of massage if you google it there are loads of sites explaining it and there is a site explaining how training is done and to make sure you find a properly trained and qualified therapist in this technique .. I didnt help me but I wouldn't say don't try it ...

VG x


Thanx for that grumpy, can't see me going tho as I can't bear to be touched let alone massaged, take care Dee x


I really would see another GP or change practices I cannot take any pain meds except paracetamol and they only treat headaches ... I am also allergic to so many meds I have filled my medic alert bracelet I really need two....I do have injections for the pain they are not working well ATM as I can't have them every three months ... So my GP has got me an emergency consultation with the consultant who does my injections .... A good GP NEVER gives up ....

Cannabis ... Yes I have heard it can relieve pain but can you be sure what you are actually getting mixed in with it.... I actually know two people who take cannabis for their pain... One had a bad batch and paid for nothing it certainly looked like cannabis to her but wasnt or it was mixed with so much it had no effect and she was lucky it didnt make her ill ... Plus she took up smoking to be able to use cannabis .... Not a good idea

The second person used it for cooking as per recipe she got... Had one little square Went as high as a kite for half an hour and threw up...

I am in pain thoughout every day but my GP isn't giving up please try another GP or change surgeries before you do anything so drastic as cannabis


thanks for the reply hun , I will ask about injections next time im there , im not sure I could have them as im truly frightened of needles and tend to have massive panic attack if I even see one near me ... and as for another gp I may have to be brave and ask about the bigger practice near us , the problem with the bigger practice is you never see the same doc twice so your always repeating yourself to them and trying to re explain ... still we have to keep plodding on as best we can and while my body may be playing silly buggers my mind remains as daft and silly as ever so life is still good as long as I can see the funny side to it :)


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