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has anyone elses twitches got worse?

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I only used to twitch every couple of days or so but now I can get ten or more a day! it;s driving me mad ,I nearly dropped a notebook the other day when my arm twitched!

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I usually have periods where the twitching goes mad, then I may have none for months....

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hi, i hope neither if you mind me asking but what sort of twitches do you have?


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Amanda in reply to hjones

my twitches are like reflexes,like when a Dr hits your knee to get a reflex and your knee moves on its own.I get them in my arms & legs mainly but have them in my face and hands sometimes as well.

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I have twitches to hands, arms and legs. Mine improved on low oxulate diet as well as other symptoms. You can look it up on internet.

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hjones in reply to martinarapley

i suffer from tourette's aswell as fibro, my tourettes presents itself in the form of twitching rather than then swearing and shouting that most people associate with tourettes so its hard to tell which of my twitches (if any) are through fibro or just my tourettes!

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Amanda in reply to martinarapley

thanks,I had a look at the diet .It looks very complicated ,I don't think my fibro fogged brain could cope with it just at the moment but I'll bear it in mind.

Twitching with Fibromyalgia info -


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very interesting,thanks .

in reply to Amanda

My pleasure Amanda :D

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i have a come and go type of twitching .sometimes its worse than others xx

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I twitch all the time and have been told I have Myoclons Dystonia.

Twitches are common with FM but they should be infrequent. If they become severe then you should see someone. I had to have EEgs.

I punch out with my twitches, I drop things, kick things, jump off my chair with them all sorts of fun stuff.

I get them in my hands, arms, legs, feet, back and head. I look very odd sometimes but it is just another part of the joy if having FM.

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Have to say mine are getting much worse.. sometimes waking me up at night.. a shoulder or leg will jerk... sometimes i will have spurts of them... have no idea why!

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