Falling apart!!!

Hello all well I'm awaiting a knee replacement I'm riddled with arthritis I had my hips rayed a couple of weeks ago the doc called me back yesterday and she have now told me I need a hip replacement!!! It's the chicken and the egg scenario what comes first the knee or the hip!! And I'm only just 50! Think I'm falling apart I'm in serious pain now got to go and have a licedion infusion next Monday sorry haven't spelt that right lol don't know what I'm laughing about oh well there are worse people off than me think I'll just spend the day stuffing my face with chocolate to cheer myself up x

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  • I really do feel for you, i had my first hip replacement when i was 41, sadly it was never going to be a complete success as it was at the end of a long line of six major ops on that one hip, but saying that, five months ago, which is like 11 yrs later, i have had my other hip done and has been quite successful and It has taken away the osteoarthritis pain, although it cant take away fibro pain.

    One thing you need to watch though, is the comfort eating.... Been there done that and was a good six stone overweight! They could have refused the op until i had lost more weight! They did that to my sister in law and she was made to wait, but i did reasonably well losing two stone. I'm struggling to keep it off now.

    Joint replacement surgery is such commonplace now, its one of the most carried out ops on the NHS! Cant remember where i read that, but success rates are far higher.

    I wish you well and hope they dont keep you waiting too long xx

  • Hi fibro thanks for replying we have got a bone disease in our family my sis was only 41 when she had her first hip replacement she's had 3 now you were very young too yes I will have to watch the weight I only weigh 10 stone at the mo but a lot of people on here says they have gained a lot of weight being on pregabaline I'm on 600mg a day plus 8 co codamol codeine and extra codeine 1 four times a day so will have to keep my eye on that got to see specialist soon so will now more then I only had the news since Friday so I will keep you posted x

  • My thoughts are with you, as i know how hard it is. For me its been inactivity for so long. I take gabapentin, which is similar to the pregabaline, ive been taken them for 10 yrs now, but know i can lose the weight, its just so hard. You would be best to try and keep your weight stable which you sound like you are. And doing well.

    You just got to try and get your pain under control and i guess the aim is to hold off from having surgery for as long as possible.

    These days there are special joints produced for main use in younger more active people where they don't cement the joints it, the surface is made as such that the bone anchors itself around the metal and makes it more suitable for replacing if necessary. My original hip is showing signs of wearing as i can feel the bearings aren't right, they sort of creek/clunk as i move in certain ways, but whilst its not giving extra pain they say its best left alone.

    I will be thinking of you xx

  • Thank you fibro x

  • If it is any comfort my 75 year old friend has just had a knee replacement and it has been a complete success and to be honest when we are out together I can't keep up with her. Hope the pain killing infusion works well for you on Mondayx

  • Thank you rosewine yes me too oh that's good news to hear I have been expecting knee replacement for a while now but it was a shock to hear I need a hip replacement too! Oh well what's got to be done be done it's no good worrying about it x

  • Hi paulapips

    I am so sorry to read that you have all of this on your plate at the moment, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I am afraid that I do not know which should come first? I can imagine that your consult will have their own thoughts on which should be the priority? Either way, I sincerely hope that you are up and about in no time!

    I also genuinely hope that your procedure goes really well for you next Monday.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you ken x

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