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Is it easier running before you walk when trying to visualise feelings from how the world once was.

The idea behind visualisation (guided imagery) is that you use the power of your imagination to help relieve symptoms or manage problems. Learning to direct and control images in your mind can help with relaxation and pain relief. Running memories appear stronger for me especially near finishing lines or the bell for the last lap, where as walking just came without any thought an automatic function no more memorable than how normal breathing was.

Visual images can take your mind out for some exercise when the body can not get out of bed though it can be quite tiring finding home through the fog.

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Hi, Thankyou for shareing this, its so lovely to do this isnt it? Peaceful state helps the body and mind x


Peaceful pain management all that can be imagined with a little practice


I walk to, and by, a beautiful beach.


Waves gently lapping on the beach without getting sand everywhere :-)


I used to be able to do visualisation easily, Id be up in the sky flying with the birds over the towns, the county side onto the sea and then following the cliffs south.

I dont know what happened but after a spell in hospital when I had multiple organ failure i found that i had lost the nack and still cant do it all these years later.

sue xx


Flying had not been on my list only got as far as floating in a pool you have really raised the bar sky high with that one mayrose54. Starting from a safe comfortable place sure more flights will happen surprise the birds :-)


Hi Ian123

I hope that you are well today? I have done this sort of meditation technique frequently over the years. I have now reached an advance stage of constructing and entire fleet of Star Fleet Vessels in my mind, and crossed them over to a new universe in which they fight babylon5 vessels! Sadly, there were no winners?

Take care



Fear is the true enemy, the only enemy William Riker

Stay as well as you can and keep experimenting :-)


Is that the same Will Riker, 1st officer of the Starship Enterprise ? :P


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