todays experience(not all good)

does anyone else with fibro have stomach problems i have just been diagnosed with ?

saw doctor today and his first comment was about attending hospital.I'd contacted my MP cos of being told by DR not allowed to attend BGH anymore for financial reasons ie NHS England were not going to pay costs of English patients going to Scottish hospitals and vice versa and the MP said he was campaigning to allow patients in north Northumberland to attend the BGH for convenience and accessibility.I told him it wasn't a complaint about the surgery but the fact that I wasn't allowed to go there for financial reasons not because they didnt carry out certain procedures,

apparently the MP had written to the CCG(surgery) and today it was "BGH is a small hospital (serving the whole of southern Scotland and north Northumberland I might add)and they didn't do certain operations there.thats why I had treatment and scans at northumberland hospitals."he

explained I had a gullet problem because when i had the barium meal everything I swallowed was travelling back up and/or getting stuck in my throat.i don't think this is the cause of my abdominal pain pressure swelling and tightness etc.

I asked him to l read an article I had and he took one look at it and thrust it back at me saying if you want to discuss anything stomach related then see one of the other doctors,that isn't the attitude to have .i said it doesnt allay my fears when anything I say is not accepted.

then I said the reason for my appointment was for the xray results but also because I'd been getting headaches and swelling on my scalp and forehead.response was (once again) I cant feel anything -dismissing headaches??

he did then ask why I had concerns IN THE PAST it was ovarian cancer and said because it was assumed I had IBS(in a letter),when had no symptoms,that for the last three years since I saw the rheumatologist that no one has accepted my weight gain is predominantly abdominal or that I barely ate cos felt full straightaway ,had poor appetite and didn't eat cakes biscuits snacks or puddings and only breakfast and a small meal .that I have had persistent pelvic and abdominal pain and distention from the time I get up.repeated urine infections and not a normal flow plus recent swelling.

he is arranging for me to see a consultant re recent diagnosis.

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  • You must be relieved you are receiving additional consultation? :)

  • yes but its been a long battle and still not 100% there.

  • You are going through a lot. I hope you find assistance. :)

  • thank you

  • Hi Anbuma :)

    It sounds rather positive compared to in the past and writing to your MP and making contact with the correct services in the area to help with your ongoing health issues seems to have ruffled a few feathers. Hope this eventually provides you with the answers you need.

    I understand and I sympathise with your situation and realise how frustrating it must be for you. However, I need to point out that we cannot advise you here on the FibroAction Community Forum because we are a forum for Fibromyalgia and we must stay within the guidelines and we can only speak from our own experience.

    I can only advise that you ask your questions on a forum more suited to your needs such as Pelvic pain support where they are more knowledgeable about such pelvic issues or the IBS Network, but you are always welcome to raise any fibro related posts on here.

    I wish you wellness and kind regards


    Admin on behalf of HU for FibroAction

  • HI Sian .i appreciate that but thought my stomach issues and facial swelling (which may be muscular)may be related to fibro thats why i posted here .

  • Hi Anbuma :)

    I understand, however, I wanted to remind you that you may find other opinions & helpful comments on the other communities mentioned too :)

    I'm glad to hear you have managed to voice your concerns to CCG & MP etc & wish you all the best.

    Sian :)

    Admin on behalf of HU for FibroAction

  • Hi anbuma, I hope you are getting closer to clear answers with the help of your medical professionals. :)

    You had started a thread on pelvic pain several days ago. I had responded and had written about FM and trigger point release therapy, if/when trigger points are the cause of chronic pelvic pain. I have inserted links in that thread as many have had questions. The links are for education only, never for self-diagnosis.

    Please be very careful. You need clear answers from medical professionals.

    Some people with FM do experience chronic pelvic pain due to trigger points. (See the links in the prior thread.) However, we must never assume the cause is FM and/or trigger points. A fully qualified physician must complete diagnostic work-ups and must isolate the cause(s).

    This is only one of many possible causes of pelvic pain. A pelvic pain forum, as Zeb mentions, may help you to explore additional potential causes of chronic pelvic pain and may be very helpful.

    As I had read your thread written this morning, I am very concerned as your medical issues seem complex and it seems you will be best served by very thorough medical investigations into your symptoms.

    I hope you find meaningful medical assistance as you continue with medical consultations.

    I have seen too many mistakes made, by doctors as well, when not fully investigating all potential causes of signs/symptoms. I am concerned about you. :)

    In Support,


  • thank you crazy horse,i am so concerned too.not everyone will accept this but i know my dogs know something is amiss.their behaviour has changed so much in the last two years .my elder dog hates being left at home and barks constantly when ive gone younger dog is constantly by my side and always wakes me in the mornings. i keep going back to my doctor cos symptoms just getting worse and i get told "im not having anything to do with your stomach-you can see one of the other doctors".im sorry to anyone who doesnt feel the same way- but that isnt the way to treat a has always been its not something but they dont ever consider any other possible causes.i have asked for a referral to a gynae but declined.

    i thought my conversation with the practice manager had improved things and he realised that it was not all on my part then today happens.

    i notice you said there is only one cause of pelvic pain,trigger points,nerves and varicose veins have been mentioned amongst others.years ago doctors would do everything they could to get a diagnosis.

    i met a friend at the doctors today whose appointment was just after mine and her mother and her are a tremendous support to me and true friends.not many people accept or understand what i am going through.

  • Hi, I just want to be clear, there are MANY potential causes of pelvic pain. :)

    It may be an error in writing, but your paragraph above says I am saying there is one cause of pelvic pain. ;)

    I hope your GP will refer you to Gastroenterology and to Gynecology.:)

    I do see you are saying your doctor will not send you to a Gynecologist. I hope you have an option of appealing to him or to someone.

    I am glad you had met up with your friends today. :) Supportive friends can be such a help! :)

    Sleep well.

    In Support,


  • it was the first sentence in your 5th paragraph.sorry if I got it gp has referred me following barium results btu I did not ask which area .assume its going to get an appointment to see the other dr and see if he will refer me as i definitely have a gynae concern.

  • Thanks, I have fixed that sentence so it's more clear. :)

    Great, I hope you are able to obtain the consults you need. sounds like something is in the works. :)

  • hi crazyhorse.this could have been sorted two years ago if gp accepted what i told him.if i had an option of goign to another practice i would consider thinking of claiming negligence.

  • Has to be frustrating for you. :(

    Let's hope things get sorted out now. You have waited long enough. :)

  • thank you ill try .not ha dmuch sleep the last few nights.

  • Sleep peacefully. :)

  • Oh, dear, you are in my prayers. I have read through and am hoping you find answers soon. Sweet dreams, anabuma. :) KT_Rose

  • thank you.sitting here now with chronic pelvic pain and sharp pain in my left ribs area.first appointment with other gp is next Tuesday to discuss pelvic issues.

  • Hi anbuma, What helps you when the pain is intense? Heat? Cold? A warm bath? Distraction? Medication? Humor? Contact with friends? Peace and quiet? Meditation?

    I have found heat and gentle stretching has been helpful, though not always.

    Maybe make a list of strategies to help get you through the waiting periods in between consults?

    The Pain forum may have some additional options, as may a pelvic pain forum?

    You are doing a great job at hanging in and asking for helpful consults. :)

    {{{{{{{{ Gentle hugs, anbuma }}}}}}}}}


  • hi there KT Rose.been using heat pads which gave some relief for a while.only real relief is lying down.every so often i have to get up and move about,try doing some of my cross stitch or reading but that doesnt distract me from the discomfort.its not easy at home because my dogs are concerned for me.i hope to get a referral to gynae when i see gp next week.

  • Hi anbuma

    I genuinely hopecthat you can getvsome answers soon.

    Good luck


  • Hi. Yes I suffer from really bad stomach aches. It feels as though someone is stabbing me and then repeatedly twisting the knife. (very painful)!

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