Bad Day

Hi all, I'm just feeling sorry for myself today as all my symptoms have come back to bite me today! I slept badly, pain in arms and neck were awful, cramps in legs wouldn't stop, the dizziness, the sweats, the itching skin and back pain all appeared through the night and into today, so am down & defeated today! Moan groan I know, but when you have a poor nights sleep it is so hard to remain positive when the fatigue sets in and all your rotten symptoms hit you at once! Thought I would feel better writing it out as a post, but just feel pathetic now! Apologies for being a drama queen.

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  • Hello Faymoss,

    So sorry you have had a bad night which is almost usually followed by a bad day. I think it is better out than in as they say, you go ahead and moan we all understand as we've all had days like this!

    I always find that if I pamper myself a little with a face mask & maybe do my nails too ...this makes me think I am just relaxing in bed rather than having not much choice! I usually try to snuggle up with something warm or have a nice warm Epsom salt bath a bit later before bed (if you have some), maybe do a little pamper, start a good book or just stay & chat to us and let's hope you feel better tomorrow :)

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

  • Thanks Emma, I think I will do that and try a manicure and read my kindle. Many thanks for the support its good to share these things sometimes!

  • Good idea - enjoy ! We are here if you need to post and we always try to support you as best we can :)

  • Hi I'm so sorry you're feeling down and in pain - it's good to have a moan and we all understand - so you just moan away until you feel better. We won't tell anyone it is just between you and all your Fibro mates 😊😊😊

  • Thanks Volatileval, its good to share sometimes!

  • You're not being dramatic, that's a horrible lot of symptoms! Hope you begin to feel better soon. May be triggered by the changes in weather?


  • Thank you Sue, lets just hope we all survive the heat wave that's been predicted!!!

  • Yes, though it's the changes that I find make me unwell rather than the heat which usually eases my fibro symptoms - but that may be because I love the heat (I'm one quarter Indian, maybe that's why) , whereas for other people the reverse is true I know. xx

  • Sorry you're having a bad day, take it easy and try and relax and look after yourself, hope you are feeling a bit better tomorrow

  • Hope you have a better sleep tonight :-) bless ya I hate them nights x

  • I'm dreading the heatwave don't do well in the heat. Hope you feel better soon sending u gentle hugs shelley x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are struggling and suffering so much and please feel free to come along and moan to your hearts content as it is what we are here for. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with feeling better again soon.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you


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