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So cute!!

I'm just feeling the worst ever for the last three days. Major pain in my back my face arm leg and hands are so numb and tingly

Right down to my toes seriously this is really painful my back feels numb. Any body ever have this it is mostly on my left side.Please any response would help I'm wondering if I should go to the hospital but eveytime I have before they just do tests and send me back home.This is new however for me I'll see what the rest of the evening brings and keep you posted. Thanks guys.

Sorry for rambling but this is aweful.even my eye is twitching off and on.very weird.and my stomach feels so tight too .oh did I mention my throat

My neck feels swollen or just tight it could be tmj .

I love the pictures.. ..the kitty's are cute.sweetdreams1234.

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Have you been checked for herniated disks in your back and neck?


Hi Rosetta

Thanks for the response.

Its just been 3days with these problems but my hands are cramping up and really hurt.I'm going to have this looked into tomorrow. Have a great night.

Take care of you

Did you have this in your left leg as well as your feet.


Gentle hugs.


Yes, right after I was injured a bed was pushed on my foot while transporting a patient and the bed jammed so I moved the bed myself and released my foot not realizing I had herniated 3 disk in my neck and 2 in my lower back before that night I had never had back or neck pain as of that night I have been in constant pain unable to work, I have had neck and back surgery to fix the herniations but neither worked and FM and CF started about 9 months after the incident. It happen on 12/13/1997 at 9:45 pm I will never forget that night. It sound like you have a pinched nerved caused by herniated disks. Also the pain and numbness in my right hand and fingers they found out that I had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome where there a band around your 1st and 2nd ribs causing your nerves to be pinched as they go though so I had to have surgery to remove the bands and they also removed my 1st rib this is very rare a there isn't anyway to see it so as a last resort I opted for the surgery and it worked. But it was hard to find a doctor request the surgery, They just wanted to keep putting me in Physical Therapy to stretch the bands.


Just a quick response to say that sounds jolly rotten! Hugs, I hope you get to the bottom of it and all the nasty pains subside soon x


Hi, so sorry to hear about the pain. I know you feel, i had same symptoms for 2 weeks. Last 3 days it is like heaven,, because i can actually do something. Hope you are feelling better soon.


Thanks strepies just k owing I'm not alone makes a huge difference.

Thanks glad to hear you're feeling well at this time.take care of you.



I also have those symptoms when

I'm in a flare. I've gone to the hospital only to be sent home. The

last flare I had I had a therapeutic

message it really helped! I have a

myafacia which is the coating over

all our tendons and muscles ect..

Sometimes there's a knot which

is a trigger point, once that is

released it really makes a difference.

but only have someone who knows

what their doing do a message!

I hope this helped X


Hi sweetdreams1234

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so ill at the moment, and I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon. It may be worth getting this checked out by a doctor just to rule anything else out?

Please take care of yourself

Ken x


Oh ken

This is just terrible pulled a muscle I believe .

Jugoing to get xray tomorrow I'll know more then I hope there's both ng serious I'm in so much pain.

Just wondering have you had this before as well pain tingling and numbness in the arm hands and legs right to your toes.

This is god awful

Thanks my friend




sounds like herniated disc pain compounded by neuropathic pain which may be associated with myofascial pain. You should see a pain control specialist right away to get it under control I knowI had the same symptoms as you and i am still trying to deal with it, a n artificial cervical disc and seven years later. Good luck and hugs!



Sorry for the late response. Thanks sounds the same possibly.

Lower back pain neck and facial pain tmj .crazy thanks for the advice.

Any tips for pain control.



Barb.take care of you.


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