so tender

having a right flare up at the moment asked my partner to massage my shoulders and back for me but it was that tender it was bring tears to my eyes it feels as tho this is forever now and i have just got to suffer my painkillers dont do nothing for me , if u go to the doctors all you get is you got fibromyalgia u will have to see your rheumatolgist

just having a moan because i am tired and in pain

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  • Oh dear! I hope you feel better soon x

  • thanks xxx

  • Bless you its rotten when you have a bad flare up, I am in constant pain at the momment and want to sleep all the time, hot baths, hot showers alternate hot and cold therapy on some areas.

    Soft Hugs

    Sue x x x

  • thankyou will try anything xx

  • hi hun im not to good at the moment aswell aching all over.ive had to have my shoulders massaged aswell these last two days ,the flare up will subside hang on in there soft hugs Tofty xxx

  • thankyou i hope it will subside soon

  • Hi feel so sorry for you its so awful being in pain. Take good care of yourself Hus Sue

  • Thankyou x x x x

  • My doc gave me a course of steroids when I had a flare up. Its rotten, I really didnt think they would help, but they do. Go see your GP x

  • hi im sat wiv a hot water bottle as im writing this as my legs and hips are killing

    me take care and i hope it will subside soon

    soft hugs


  • hope it eases soon i refuse to tell you if i am sore cos this is your time for my lovies and light hugiies my hauggies are soft and fit any situation just like the ones in the ad petal

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