Any one have leg cramping so tight in the calf feels like someone is squeezing your leg so tight and upper leg also tight rubber band feelin

Any one with tight rubber band feeling in leg on right side on e spot below my knee and one spot upper in my leg just right side its been two weeks is this the norm...any help please.. My husband thinks a lot of this is just muscle I hope. I'm just worriedmy father had angioplasty in his 40,s so I'm just worried it has no swelling no redness or heat I'm just being a hypochondriac I guess is scary though when your body acts this way .

I'll try to relax... Thanks for listening guys it would just make me feel better if these are normal symptoms .I ve read leg cramps and muscle pain but the rubber band feeling I'm questioning.. Just seems weird to me remember guys I have no meds yet and will see my go finally tomorrow.


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  • Hi sweetdreams1234

    I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this horrid kind of pain at the present time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I think that the sooner you get some pain medications the better you will be. I get this kind of pain from time to time, but my medications work fairly well for me.

    If you haven't already, I would make a GP appointment to see what and when you will be getting your medications. I want to wish you all the best with this.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks ken

    I'm so thankful for the responses I'm now laying on the sofa with my magic bag on my lower right leg hoping I'll get some relief I hope its just the Fibro and nothing else.This has been two weeks the same Thing never leaves me at all.very weird..hope its not a clot.I'm so worried did have blood test last week it was good one week ago..I hope I'll be OK..just nervous..thinking I should go to the hospital and have it checked..see here I go again...

    Was your the rubber band feeling too and how long do this last.

  • I have got a rubber band tight feeling at the moment, and it feels tighter than it has ever felt! I am seeing a physio next week so I am hoping that they can advise me what is best to do? Usually I take Naproxen for the pain, but at the moment they are not doing much at all. I had an MRI and I was told that my coccyx have withered away, and they feel the pain is as a result of this.

    I genuinely hope that you can get something sorted with yours.


  • I heard of that rubber band feeling. The blood could be pooling there or trickling through too slow. The blood might be backed up there. You need to get it checked.

  • Sorry to hear ken your experiencing this as well.

    Feel better as much as you can .thanks for the chatting I appreciate the new found support. I'll sitvtightbyill until go appointment tomorrow.. I'll keepyou posted hugs sweetdreams1234.

  • Hi Sweetdreams 1234,

    I was just wondering if you suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome? Just to confirm, I also get regular cramps and muscle pulls so I do recognise the differences you've described above.

    I've been told that this accounts for much of the feeling in my calves that you have described above. To give my doctor his due, he did check for dvt when I first complained but I didn't have it and have now realised that depending on how much I walk or run while I'm asleep, I definitely pay for it with the calf pain later on.

    Do check with your GP but I was advised by my consultant to take half an asprin if the pain came and lasted for more than 3 days and if it didn't clear up within 5 days and became warm to the touch or I started to feel any symptoms of dvt, to go to the emergency department right away.

    I hope this information is useful. Try not to worry - I find it only makes everything feel worse.

    Wishing you better health

  • Every situation is very different. Either way its a uncomfortable sensation so I would opt to go to the doctor soon.

  • Thanks jaynielynne appointment for doc I'd at tomorrow morning ..I'll keep you all posted.. Just wondering how much for symptoms do you experience.


  • Hi reykua thanks for the info I have an appointment on the morning with my doc ..I'm having a little chest pain now just because of anxiety and worried About my leg problems and if I wait till in the morning will this be to late...I'm so scared I'm so worked up I'm believing that My thigh is swelled and hot or warm I'm even getting to ght cramps now in my left leg first time yet...I believe I'm over thinking this I was on lyrica and was stopped because of the muscle cramp last week I did go to the e.r and they checked my blood and said no signs of clottingwhich was good news .hope I'm still OK if they said no last week.Im just hoping its the withdrawal from the lyrica and will soon stop or go away the cramping in my lower right leg last week and still hasn'tdisappeared was in my tjigj earlier now I'm feeling it again every now and then in my lower back and I really need sleep I'm going crazy.... This is sure madning I hope I'll get some sleep without to much worry..imvery sure I have RLS because sleep is now down to 3-4 he's due to all the know cling of my legs not to bad tonight though fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the info god bless and I'm hoping I'll have good answers in the's praying .


  • Hi sorry you feel frightened about your health, just to let you know I too get the rubber band feeling at the top of my legs.

    Wishing you well for tomorrow.

  • Thank you for you get it in your thigh Area too just wondering.. Is this what you mean about top of your legs.Thank you.

  • yes at the top of my thigh.

  • Hi Sweetdreams, I get that cramp and rubber band feeling in my calves, I was told it was all part of Fibro by my GP, but it certainly will do no harm to have it checked to put your own mind at rest. Good luck at the docs today :)

  • Hi Sweetdreams

    I get that feeling in all of my muscles legs and back and midriff

  • Yep I relate to this

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