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B****y washing

It was such a lovely day I said to mom when that Washings done I'm gonna hang it out, just stretching to put a few things on the line I've hurt my hip and back, I'm so tired but I can't sleep on the my two side due to the pain in my hips, my back feels so badley bruised it's a joke wen I walked in I was having spasms and shaking like I'm having a breakdown ,

But I have to be well my Grandaughters are commin to see me,

If I can get out of beb lol. Because of the fibromyalgia my grandson thinks I'm the oldest nanny he has, I am the youngest

Lol take care of each other hugs x

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Morning see you had problems sleeping too. I to feel old nanna at times I could do with a good nights sleep to recharge and a pain free free day we wish Lol. And you enjoy your day with your grandaughter mine stayed with me last night to help me . xx fibro10


Ouch that sounds so painful for you. I'm sending lots of anti-spasmodic, pain busting vibes your way so you can enjoy your granddaughters. :-)

Foggy x


Sending lots of gentle hugs. My Grandaughter also stayed over night And is now talking me to death and to make typing even harder, Nutmeg has decided that my left hand would be better used fussing her.

Hope the pain soon passes.

sue xxxx


I have to be very careful if I have to do anything where stretching up is involved. I use a rotary dryer now and tend to put everything I can on the lower lines. You think you are being so careful and then suddenly you get the pain. Hope you have been able to get a little rest so you can enjoy your grandchildrens visitx


I know how you feel sweetheart, I spend all night going from one side to the next to my back and it hurts to sleep on my back as I have ruptured disk's, hurts on the sides because of the fibro and OA. I'm still pretty young, but rarely feel it. Hope you and your grandson have a blast!!!! xxx Mitzi


Hi tracypom

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much at the moment, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I can imagine that when you granddaughters turn up that your pain eases somewhat with the joy of seeing them!

I hope that the pain isn't too bad now, and that you manage to get some sleep.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Sori to hear- i have the same with my hips at night, started about 5 years ago now much worse- am only 45. Right hip has arthritis. When my back is in really bad spasm i take diazapem. It helps a bit. I sleep on tempur matress have 2 duvets i lie on but putting pilliow between legs at night helps. Take care.


I was diagnosed 23 years ago and managed to cope till about 7 years ago,

I had to give up my job which I struggled with. Thank you for your reply Hb1968 I also have a temper mattress and 6 pillows and 2 quilts just to try and get rest , the pillow between the legs does help as I have RLS to and can't stand my legs to touch. I'm also on zomorph and duloxetine and have tried so many tablets over the years these are all I have tolerated.

I also top up with ibuprofen gel and tablets, I'm lucky because I have a fantastic GP and so much support from family and friends and my friends on here. I get around on elbow crutches and a scooter but I quite embarrassed as I'm 48 and used to be so active but now I only go out once or twice a week and usually pay for it lol.

Anyway I hope your well thank you for your advise positive vibes bad hugs x


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