useless b****y doctor

my husband has just come back from the doctors with a letter from my doctor(which cost me £10),it was supposed to support my dla appeal,and i cannot believe my eyes,she has not mentioned my mobility,the difficulty i face just trying to do the most basic things,it is absolutely no use to me at all. i am so close to tears at the moment i dont know what to do,she clearly doesnt believe what im telling im £10 out of pocket and totally devestated. best wishes to all

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  • I am so so sorry to hear this Nanny, I can understand how upset you are my dear. Is it possible for you to go to see your GP with hubby for support and personally ask for these inclusions in your letter. Explain that the letter is no good (worded nicer than that to keep GP sweet!), without mentioning the important factors. Say you can't afford another £10 for another letter. Write everything down that you need to ask for so you don't forget, it's easy to forget everything when you're stressed and upset.

    I hope having hubby there with you will help ease the situation and finger's crossed your GP will redraft the letter.

    Anything at all we can help you with, please just ask. We are here for you and happy to help you in any way we can. Please take care Nanny and let us know how you get on.

    Bless you, here's a hug. (((hug))) xxx

  • i did exactly the same thing i have had two replys back from the dla saying im not dissabled enough as i dont need help to get dressed etc well fact of the matter is im getting that way and some days i do just stey in pjs cause im too damn embarressed to get help!! i hope you have a better weekend hun xxx

  • thanks!,i always have my pjs on in the house as i find them so restricting and nobodys going to see me so it dont matter. im going to put back in for dla this week,although i dont think i will get it. my daughters old driving instructor gave me a very basic statement to say that she has noticed the decline in my mobility and breathing over the last few years.she was worried about her statement because she said she didnt really know much about my care needs.Bless her! Iwouldnt expect someone to compromise themselves by exaggerating,but i really expected a little more from my doctor.This has really knocked me for six,i was certain i had a good case for appealing and now i dont have any confidence in myself or upcoming appeal.....xx

  • i have a follow up app in 4 wks,im not sure if i want to go back to see her again. how can there be any sort of doctor/patient relationship if she doesnt believe what im telling her. Im sure it would be a bad idea for my husband to go with me to my appointment,hes furious now,i can only imagine what hed say to her,so thats not an option.

  • Maybe you should just be totally open with your GP. Tell her how she is making you feel and ask her if she actually does believe you and have an understanding of fibro. Tell her if she cannot be empathetic and try to help you (which is her bl**dy job) then you will go to a different GP.

    Sorry things are so difficult for you - your hubby sounds really supportive tho xx

  • he is very supportive and does so much around the house as well as taking our 2 grandaughters to school and going back and forth to football practice,dance lessons,parents evenings etc. he works 16 hours at the weekends to keep us off income support( one of my daughters usually come to take over when he works).The only problem is he can seem to be quite agressive and speaks his mind,which could do more harm than good.

  • When I joined here in tears with gp problems I was advised to write him a letter explaining how he had upset me what was wrong with me and how he had made me feel like a burden on his surgerys budget I sent it to him and the afternoon he received it he was on the phone apologising and he has been great ever since... Gps need a gentle prod in the buttocks now and again to,make them realise it is our lives they are wrecking however bad a day they might be having it isn't fair to take it out on us. Please consider the advice I was given and write a letter explaining politely how useless her letter was

    Hugs VG x

  • yes i think i will. She is a very nice gp and she knows all about my struggles,as ive told several times.she just doesnt believe me its obvious.i have an appointment with a bariatric consultant next wk and i dont want to risk this by upsetting my doc in case she pulls the plug on me.

  • When my letter arrived at the GP's from DLA they rang me and asked me to make an appointment with him. I did and my GP asked me 2 questions, did hot or cold affect me and did I need help dressing. He wrote just yes or no as a reply. Needless to say I was turned down and had to appeal, twice. I have recently sent copies of letters from the hospital to them and I am waiting for a reply. This is the GP that I jokingly said to when I had put weight on that 'I must be eating to many take aways' and he actually wrote that on my notes. Ha Ha!


  • thankyou for your reply, i know im not the only one having troubles with doctors and dla evidence. I think i will write to her but i need to be very carefull on how i put things. I have an appointment next week to see a bariatric consultant and i dont want to jepardise that as ive waited years to ber referred..I also dont want to risk being struck off the patient list either...thanks again xx

  • I am now of the opinion that not only Dr's but what we call a "Health System" today is not fit for purpose. On scrutiny it seems more a system of drug induced ill health and ignorance.

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