is it sunday?wake every morning not knowing what day it is and sometimes after sleeping in the afternoon is it morning or afternoon?so tired last night went to bed to lie down fro an hour around 8pm .just woke up at 4am.with chronic back pain(from curve in spine)and pelvic pain.woke to find Annie on my bed as usual and feeling tired from strangest dreams.have kept a diary every day for last 2 years of when symptoms started and how things are every day.going to take a couple of entries with me to gp tomorrow to show him how things have changed for the worse and how each day is (a struggle).

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  • Morning .. Know the feeling

  • Yes It is Sunday " Day of Rest " Lol, that's a good joke for a Sunday morning is it not?

    You got up before me I point blankly refused to rise until 4.29am today even though I had been awake maybe an hour and half with pain in the gut today then the neck then the bad oh so bad headache started but I point blankly refused to stir due to the pain until the time I said So it was me 1 Aches and pains no score. hehehe... I even held of taking any of my daily meds until 7am

    The two little dogs are just about stirring now ( They are not early Morning creatures these days ) Mainly an old age thing I suspect.

    Good luck with your Diary, Journal I think Today I have to fight my over thinking head it was so hard to get to sleep last night analysing everything in the world it felt like

    Anyway dear KEEP SMILING ;-)

  • I know sweetheart, it gets worse as we get older. Have you been to a pain clinic? It really has made my life bearable. Hope you can find some relief!!!! xxxx Mitzi

  • hi there.

    i know the feeling. i wont let the pain get me out of bed at an ungoldly hour. tries most days to have me up at 3.30am but i wont give in. the main thing with me is that i know that as soon as my eyes are open i will have a headache, thats for sure. i am now on th sofa as my head is banging and the pain in my legs and feet are so painful.


  • I never get to sleep in past 6.30 .annie always wakes me on the dot of 6.25.and they need their walk painful and slow as it is but she seems to know I cant walk fast or far.

  • Hi anbuma

    I really know where you are coming from with this! I am constantly trying to work out what day it is?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Yes it is so easy to get disorientated when you never have a proper, restful nights sleep. If I give in and go to bed in the day I always regret it as I feel very sick and headachy afterwards but sometimes your body just makes you have to give in. I had no sleep again last night and of course could start snoozing when it is actual time to get up. Yes taking your diary to the doctors is a good idea as sometimes we forget how bad every day is. Good luck with your visit. Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight.

  • it s not often I go without a nap in the day.sometimes I am so tired after taking my dogs out I crash back into bed as soon as i get home tho normally it is after lunch.if I don't get to sleep straight away then I get up again btu if I don't sleep in the afternoon I m falling asleep around 8pm.thanks for your good wishes(?)

  • I feel the same, it is now Sunday evening , I was up until 4.30 am mainly due to hurting all over and my dog panicking due to thunderstorms, (she is a very nervous dog ) great company. People don't always understand if I make arrangements and I say " I will be there if I am not too tiered . I really need to pace myself and not over do things. I place lavender in my bedroom, and have a gel pillow to help me sleep. I would certainly talk to you G.P about medication . My pain consultant has been most helpful. I wish you lots of luck.

  • where about s are you?we missed the storms here-very lucky -don't often get the bad weather the rest of country gets unless it comes off the Buster is a very nervous dog-he hated any noise-fireworks thunder motorbikes backfiring -even the waves on the beach .i bought the "noise s" cd and it plays all sorts of sounds that might frighten dogs,ive played it a few times -before fireworks night and he doesn't seem that bothered by noises so recommend it to anyone who has nervous dogs that are frightened by noise.i did ask my gp about taking omeprazole again that the other gp prescribed as I was told to stop it before and he said just take it.just praying he will listen to me and take me seriously -having asked me to write down my three worst symptoms.they are the persistent and chronic pelvic pain ,swollen (sore etc)stomach and general skin rashes and swellings-especially face-as I so notice how swollen it is.hope for referrals

  • Hi I'm the same never know what day it is, if it's morning afternoon, fell asleep on the sun lounger my son woke me up with a cup of tea and I woke and started to cry, what's all that about?!! Hope you get so result from the Doctor. Hugs

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