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Good morning my ansums

hi all you fibromites ive just been diagnosed with fibrojellyfish that's what I tell the children cause I shake and wobble well gotta try to laugh I was just going to ask are there any groups near were I live( Penzance Cornwall)

also are there any tips ,equipment anything! that could help make life easier..

keep smiling it makes everyone wonder what you been up too , also its infectious

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Hello and welcome to the site. We are a friendly group of people who help each other by sharing our own experiences, Supporting each other through rough times and just as importantly having a good laugh and joke.

There are several support groups in Cornwall and if you go to this web site you will find the information on the left hand side.http://www.fibroaction.org . I hope .

While you are there have a look at all the information, I think you will find It interesting an I hope helpful.

Hugs sue xx


Sorry I forgot to mention the pinned posts on the left hand side of the home page, include `finding your way about the site` and` im new what do I need to know`


Ha! ha! Left you an answer on your other post!



Good morning indeed. There's little I can add to that. I had a meeting with a physiotherapist yesterday and he just confirmed my belief that keeping moving as much as possible without strain will help. He even gave me an exercise for my worst arm where the good arm does all the work, but moves that bad one.

Try tai chi - that should get the kids laughing. I do find laughter and other distractions help. I forget the pain for a bit


Thanks for the replies still trying to use the site but I do appreciate the response take care xx :-) keep smiling x


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