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Good Morning Friends!

Good morning to all my fellow fibromates! Hope you're all as well as you can be, and managed to get a reasonable night's sleep. I'm off to the dentist in a bit for my 3 monthly check up

and clean. I have been going so often because I get awful plaque build up on my teeth, and I can't floss, it's too fiddly! Does anyone else have that problem?

Anyway, hope you all have a good day, and let's hope we get a nice sunny day like yesterday!

Love and Gentle Fibrohugs

Shirley xx

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Good morning, you have reminded me that I am due a dental check, I really don't like going, do you find even the sound of the tooth polishing gizmo makes your head rattle. I invested in an electric toothbrush but couldn't stand the noise. xx


I cannot do very much with any part of my body!! The pain is too much I can't even hold my phone properly!! I have to rest it on the arm of me chair xx


Yes Hayl I know the feeling.....I'm sorry your pain is so bad and I hope you get a little respite soon xx


I genuinely hope that your dental check went really well for you. I must admit that due to certain medications (COPD inhalers) that my teeth can feel somewhat gritty at times so I am forever gently brushing them.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thanks Ken. I've been prescribed a special toothpaste to prevent gum disease, and told to brush three or four times a day to avoid plaque build up. Seems a bit extreme, but heyho.....have toothbrush, will travel, haha

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