Fibro fog smog mist what ever

Fibro fog smog mist what ever

Was really bad at work on Saturday got told I was putting tickets in the wrong place on clothes, I work in a dry cleaners for two years !! Then I get a text message that the till is short , I panic!!!!! Only to be told it was forty pence short !!!! Really .., I said if they were that worried I would put the money in myself ... Some people are so ignorant

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  • Fibro fog is awful. I can't believe they would phone you over 40p you would think they had something more to worry about. I could understand the panic as you would think it must be mega money for them to contact you. Do they know you have fibro at work?

  • Yes I've tried to explained but they don't seem to get it !! I'm still waiting for the washing machine to be moved to eye level as I suffer from severe back pain and have to get on my knees to empty it out . Apparently once I've been there two years I can ask for occupational health to help me. I work on my own so can't ask for help

  • It must be very difficult for you. Why do you have to be thre for 2 years before they will help?

  • Because if I ask for help ie any adjustments due to disability I can loose my job as have no rights until you have been employed for two years according to cab

  • Hi again,

    That sounds really unfair. Isn't there anyone else you speak to about this issue? If they're expecting you to be able to get on normally without help when you have Fibro this is too much for them to ask. I wish I had an answer, maybe someone on here will be able to help? There are people on here who run FibroAction who really know their stuff regarding disability/employment legislation. I would have thought if you had a diagnosis of Fibro that would automatically obtain you rights - however long you'd been working there.


  • That is something I have never heard of I didn't know there was a time you had to be at a place for I thought that was just for redundancy, you live and learn as they say. I had a look on the CAB site and have just copied this bit I don't know whether it could be of any use to you:-Access to Work is a government scheme that works with disabled people and employers to work out what changes are needed so the disabled person can do their job. They may also be able to provide some money to pay for the changes. Access to Work may be able to provide an assessment of your needs at work, and help with things like equipment, adapting premises or a support worker. It can also provide support for people with mental health conditions to enable them to find, remain in or return to work. As the employee or person looking for work, it is your responsibility to contact Access to Work.

    For more information about Access to Work, contact the Access to Work centre that covers the area where you live. For details of these, see the GOV.UK website at:

  • Sorry you've had such a difficult day today. Unfortunately some people find it impossible to appreciate the consequences and realities of having fibro fog. Some people might say we just need to pay more attention, but if we find it harder to concentrate more than we healthily should on principle then naturally we are going to make more mistakes than the healthy person. At least you know you have nothing to be ashamed of. It's other people's problem if they don't understand it.

    Gentle hugs,

    Fay :) xxxx

  • Hi Huskybike

    I am so sorry to read that you have been suffering with really bad Fibro fog. I can genuinely imagine that your heart sank when you were told that your till was short? All for 40p?

    I genuinely hope that things start to pick up for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Huskybike

    Hope you have a better day, but as an auditor don't offer to make up any shortfalls. Just apologise and say you will try harder.

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