For some time my daughter and my partner have been suggesting I get my own mobility scooter I have been rejecting this as to accept seemed to me like committing myself to being unable to do things - like walking- Yesterday I woke up realizing it is nothing of the sort - if I need help I should take it certainly if it makes life more enjoyable and less painful.

So yesterday I embarked on finding the right scooter for me. Brilliant I found it "Jezabell" is compact - blue - do the job nicely. I brought her home and my maiden voyage is today so should you see a batty lady whizzing through the country side It will be Me :) x gins

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  • Excellent ... It took me two yrs to come to terms with my mobilitiy problems and like you nagging from my family .. I finally bought one about 6yrs ago .. What I fool I was trying to live without one , how my life changed ... Freedom hooray .. Independents Hooray .. fun... Hooray .. Shopping on own.. hooray Meeting friends . Hooray the list goes on on .. Have fun giins your life will change for the better ... Xx

  • Good for you enjoy your new found freedom xx

  • good for you so many memebers say oh my family will disown me if i get one and etc but i say look at the frreedom it gives you as you say you are independant arent you sogood on you and your family for being so supportive to you lots of love diddle oh ps i havent got one but there may be a time in the future that i will need one love diddle xxx

  • Hurray! I got one 3 months ago now I really can't imagine life without one! How did I cope? how did I do the shopping,wait for buses,cope with the pain?I shudder to think.Enjoy!!

  • Thanks for all your support guys I did not test drive yesterday weather turned to bad but I may today ---- lol x gins

  • I really dread a mobility scooter, until a few years ago I was the wild haired old bat driving a VW camper! I gave no quarter, either!

    Cheers, Midori

  • Oh I would love a VW camper van have been lookin at them recently just a batty wish of mine are they very difficult to get in and out of? xgins

  • Hi Gins,

    If you are looking to buy one the autumn is the best time. At the end of the summer a lot go on sale. the classic ones are very expensive, the split-screen is a real collector's item now, the Bay windscreen is going the same way, although there are brand new ones available (the bodies are still made in Brazil) but at about 30K!

    The T25, Also known as the Wedge or the Brick, is more reasonable, although they are going up rapidly (and they're often stolen to order), the more modern T4 and T5, are probably your best bet, T4's come often equipped with showers and porta potty, and are probably best value for money, they are also front-engined.

    Although the driving position is high, there is a step to help you up, or you could go in through the sliding door, just using a step-stool, which could be kept inside the main compartment. I didn't personally have trouble getting up into it then, but I might now!

    If I can help you further, please PM me, no probs.

    Cheers, Midori

  • I admire your step forward xx well done i am not ready to take the step of sticks yet .. but go you xx

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Good going wouldn't be without mine I have a big 4 wheel one for going around our village which is in need of new batteries and a small 3 wheeler that lives in our car we got my small one from that well known auction site for only Β£40 it needed new batteries which were only Β£40 for the pair the big one used to belong to my husbands friends father it was given to my after his mum an dad passed on, as I say I wouldn't be without them , have fun with yours gentle hugs . Sithy

  • Good for you Gins, whatever makes life easier. I rely on my car to get me out and about although I can't really afford it thanks to losing my appeal. I only drive around town and over to see my Mum in her care home but both trips would be too far for a scooter and buses are too painful xx

  • thanks I quite understand where you are coming from if I lived in a town life to some extent would be easier or may be just different. I live out in the country side so have to keep car and scooter otherwise I cannot even go visit the farmer down the road! and I need her coffee every now and then to clear my brain! :) x gins

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