Occ health!!!!

I had phone call today from work, all my details and app to do with me are confidential and I go straight to my manager regarding these, how ever I haven't been given the same curtosy, I had a call today to say I have a occ health app on Friday , this was given via my superviser and not my manager as it should have been, I'm quite annoyed at this as the app is private to me and if I want to tell people it's up to me to, I let this be known too, my husband would tell me if I was wrong but he said the boss had time to talk about it and get someone else to do it then should of made time to call me himself as he should of, also I've been informed via my friend at work that a women has been spiteful about me having a blue badge, my friend is going to the boss, re this as its discrimination and bullying, I've called the union and waiting for them to call back, I work in a caring environment !!!!!!!

Very annoyed nicki xxxx

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  • Good for you, I hate bullies and bad managers. It makes you wonder how they get the job! x

  • Our boss is never there he said he would do my next supervision and discuss with me what I can do and can't and have a chat about things, that's all changed and just going straight to occ health, I don't have a problem with going there, I have a problem with crap communication skills about me and my business

    Regards nicki xxx

  • How awful that this has happened to you and your private affairs are being bandied around by others rather than the one person dessignated to do so. I think I would be hanging off the rafters with anger by now. But I do hope you get it sorted and the OCC appointment goes wel for you xxxxx

  • I was furious to say the least, I was told as she's my supervisor it was ok for her too tell me, no its not ok it's private!!!! Thank you , not worried bout occ health what can they do?

    Kind regards

    , Nicki xxxx

  • Only just getting involved with OCC myself on the grounds of my daughters disability so I am not sure what they can do. I agree with you, that supervisor was not authorised by you to be told that info let alone pass it on. I hope you put a complaint in as I would not blame you at all xxxxx

  • Absolutely , app on Friday , I have to go due to not being able to use restraining methods in my job, il let u know what happens, at least your daughters has you, what disability does your daughter have if you don't mind me asking xxx

  • She has a illness called NEAD(non-epileptic attack disorder) it does everything epilepsy does apart from causing severe brain damage if left untreated. No meds for it and no warnings when it will attack. She can have fits or she can have age regression(which means she will revert back to being a toddler or younger in the body of an adult) sometimes she can have both. She has stopped breathing on 4 ocassions in the last three years and been brought back, twice by us and twice by paramedics. It can be scary but we have got used to it xxxxx

  • Oh my good ness, certainly puts things in perspective doesnt it? Well I hope your occ health goes well for you, i take it it's for you, and you deal with fibroymialga as well , I guess we all deal with what we're dealt with and it becomes the norm doesn't it, been really nice talking with you

    Love Nicki xxx

  • The occ is for her mainly to see what adaptations can be made to my poky bathroom as she really does need more room should she collapse. But they say they can do things to benefit me too. Just waitng to hear. Nice chatting to you too xxxxx

  • Good luck with it all and hope you both get what you need

    Love nicki xxxxx

  • Good luck with it all and hope you both get what you need

    Love nicki xxxxx

  • Good luck with it all and hope you both get what you need

    Love nicki xxxxx

  • Good luck with it all and hope you both get what you need

    Love nicki xxxxx

  • Oooops sorry kept pressing button xxxx

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