stress getting ESA? dont relax next year its DLAs turn!!!

the only worrying thing for all of us (including me) who get DLA is that next year, its going to be renamed and everyone over 18 has to be reassesed like they have done with incapacity over to ESA.

i have been given it indefinantly to, but it seems the government think that alot of people given it indefinantly shouldnt be recieving it!!!!!

i got stressed enough being assesed for ESA, and the releif of being put in the support group was short lived after hearing i have to go through it all next year for DLA!!!

nightmare xx

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  • omg ! they really havnt got anything better to do ,than make work for themselves and stress the ill people in britain out !

    the more i read on blogs about benefits and tribunals ,ESA, ATOS etc etc the more i think i shouldnt bother to reapply ,it just seems too confusing and far too scary !

  • Well im in process of appealing against atos.they are all nice to your face and seem sympathetic then they lie about you behind your back.

    We took a dictaphone and she agreed i wasnt fit for wotk.i didnt put anything on.

    I made myself sick with worry.and now moneys been stopped.

    Goverment make out we get quite abit of money.who are they kidding.

    We get 220,00 fortnight for 2 people to run a car,pay all bills.and im on a special diet for my crohns.

    I cant even afford to buy.

    Then you have druggies and drunks get etc

    Makes mw angry.good luck.

  • Should we all have heard about ESA by now,and would I be shooting myself in the foot if I asked them what was happening.

    Hugs Jayne xxxxx

  • hi the 1st time i applied for ESA i got turned down, went for Atos assesment and in the report i asked for 1 part said that "i looked ok and wasnt rockin in my chair" now wat the hell did that mean????? i appealed and lost and now im reapplyin again so see wat happens this time I've just had letter to say i may have to have another assesment so when i go im gonna be rocking!!!!!!! xxxx pleas dont give up like you say every1 around us seem to get everything and we get nothing :-( xx

  • The changes to DLA will affect everyone from 16-64. It's supposed to be rolled out in the North of England from 2013.

    Any new applications from next April will be for PIP and DLA renewals will be reassessed as PIP from next October.

    Would say to anyone not to give up - I got my DLA both times on reconsiderations and hubby got his on appeal.

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