Muscle contractions

I seem to be experiencing almost allover contractions, and the period is lasting longer. It's like a wave, or my whole body has just tightmend up and it brings with it weakness, stiffness and poor coordination. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to implode. Does anyone suffer from this? I had a few weeks without but is back again with a vengenace.

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  • Hi Helbell,

    I'm sorry ur suffering so much at the moment. I do have a similar problem but not as bad as you. I try to use a tens machine and hot water bottle to ease the contractions. You should probably go see your GP about this if you haven't already.

    I really hope you get some relief soon!

    Gentle hugs


  • Hi Helbell what rotten luck contractions are so horrid and they seem to take you unawares ring themselves in with such tough pain to manage.

    I think it was tamadol that I used to control it.

    Interesting that iy is now to be a controlled drug sumwhat over due I think.

    I hope you are keeping warm and do feel free to rant if it helps but remember we have a very strict rule about it.

    I wish you a happy gentle day


  • Thank you both very much. Hmmm...have tried to avoid pharma meds apart from recent thyroid treament. I will ask him again and just keep on searching :)

  • Hi helbell

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

    I would personally discuss this sort of issue with your GP, just to rule anything else out and to keep your GP up to date with how your are getting on? Your GP should be able to give you something for the muscle contractions if you do not mind taking the medication?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks very much Ken. I will list my symptoms for my doc. Thank you

  • Wow helbell,

    Can't believe you're singing my song! I really like the way you've described it - it really is 'like a wave'.

    I'm ashamed to say that up until more recently, after trying everything from gently stretching to massage and acupuncture, I just popped a tramadol to calm my system down and to be honest, it does seem to have helped.

    My friend, who also suffers from fibro swears by a muscle relaxant she was given by her GP - unfortunately I don't recall the name and she's abroad on holiday so can only get the details when she returns.

    I'm also going to try out the tens machine and will let you know if it works for me and get back to you with the name of my friends muscle relaxant. In the interim, it may be best if you speak to your own doctor about it as well, just to rule out any other issues.

    Wishing you fewer 'waves' and a more relaxed and pain free body. Stay well.

  • I'm really banking on it being something to do with my thyroid, and, or vit deficiency. Seeing doc soon and try to get more blood tests out of him. I have a suspician that blood sugar or insulin might be involved to. Need to be ruddy Sherlock Homes to wortk our ways through thius lot. Anyway, a relief to meet fellow symptom sufferers. Have you read John Lowe's work on metabolic rehab?

  • Oh yes, I've become extremely interested in John Lowe's work of late. I'm a bit of a fan.

    There are quite a few things he's said that have resonated with me and I sincerely believe that if the health professionals would stop pandering to the pharmaceutical companies who are basically profiting from peoples ill health, we could finally start to approach wellness differently. Unfortunately, that's not likely to happen soon.

    As my daughter would say, 'when you follow the money, you'll soon know who benefits from your misfortune.'

  • Sum Total !! Love that phrase too. Yes, I resonated from the outset, especially with so many hypothyroid symptom matches but just not getting picked up on the lab tests...until now. I was elated at first to have something to hang onto plus it fitted in with the research. Quickly followed by anger that this much damge had gone on before finding it. Either that, or FM/fcs/me just effects the thyroid anyway...bloody hell.. some chicken and egg! A lot of authors are now saying hypometabolism is a the base of FM. I'd like to know how that fits in with spinal issues. I gues physical and emtional trauma would fit because of disrupting thyroid function, but a lot of firbros I have spoken to with began with back or neck injury. Ah...a quick Google and there has been research on connection between spinal injury and hypothyroidism.

  • My neck, shoulders, and upper body was like in a cast, couldn't move well, and COULD NOT RELAX AT ALL. I had to go to a pain clinic to make my life bearable. Hope this helps sweetheart, and that you find some relief soon!!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Thanks Mitzi. Had a couple of days repeive since writing this. I think I had a flare up which did not help. Still investigating thyroid fibro connection. x

  • I have the same muscle spasms in the back then body jerks usually when trying to sleep! I have jetted so hard that it wakes my husband and myself! I have Fibro last 3 years but the her king is getting worse.The more I research surprised of other's with same symptoms. By I just joined today..I like this site!

  • Hi Taja, I get those jerks too. I think they might be called sleep starts. Mine are worse when a bit stressed. They are creepy. Mine goes a bit beyond jerk to feeling I have stopped breathing.

  • My New Dr. told me they were from my Liver due to all the med's the Dr. had me taken for such a long period of time. Dr. House(all Natural Healing Dr.) put me on Milk Thistle 3 caps before bedtime..I am to take 1 hour before bedtime, since I have been taking this my jerks after stopped! Every now and then I might have one but not like I used too! Milk Thistle can be bought at Richard's Health food store! I hope this helps you!

  • Hi Taja, thanks for sharing that.

    My contractions seem to be easing right away the closer I get to optimal thyroid hormone replacement. I am continuing with supplements including b12 and magnesium and iron and will get those levels tested again. I did have some bad spasms the other day and that whole body locking up feeling but I was very stressed, so I even wonder if there is central nervous system sensitization being triggered by stress when not optimally medicated. I have managed to control gut issues - my gut is probably better than it has been in the whole of my adult life but not perfect. I have some Milk Thistle ...will make an extra effort to take a course of it. I know our livers are compromised anyway. Thanks again and glad to hear your news.

  • A bit of research tells me

    the central nervous system can be greatly affected by a thyroid disorder...which may account for my Fibromyalgia syndrome symptoms mediated by thyroid hormone.

  • Very interesting about the thyroid. Thank you!

  • helbell

    I certainly get muscle contractions mainly in balls of legs but I have had a few random excrutiating ones in my abdomen I also feel disorientated and nausea most days


  • Hi Kathy, I seem to be in a bit of remission at the moment. Not 100% normal by any means. Or maybe it's the addition of thyroid hormone, or iron or B12, or warm weather...... Do you take extra magnesium?

  • Hi Hellbell

    I am thinking about magnesium I am on thyroid medication I still maintain a lot has to do with that but my bloods are normal


  • Kathy, I'm on thyroid hormone too. My bloods were just out of normal but my GP decided to start levothyroxine but I switched to and self treating with NDT...but that is another story. I am thinking my FMS might be created by thyroid too. Have you read John Lowe's work? Anyway, magnesium comes up as a biggie in both conditions.

  • Hi Helbell

    Yes I have been reading that it makes you wonder

    I had high thyroid anti bodies 9 years ago when It all started I was suffering from internal shaking and feeling run down after a couple of months it just escalated all the other symptoms I was so stressed out with it all I was so unwell for about 3 years then gradually things settled and I was able to cope a bit better, Then about six months ago shaking feeling started again just tried to ignore it then I ended up a@e with internal shaking so bad I thought I was having a fit, they said panic attack, I read you can go between hypo and hyper doc just say your bloods are normal , what is ndt? what symptoms you suffer from


  • I'm no expert but it sounds like a classic case of hyper with normal range labs test. Those symptoms are defo hyper. Check out this link, then look at their site for NDT. And check out treatment for hyper/hypo. It's a swine and I think you have to go up and down with meds accordingly. Also look up L carnitine and suppressing thyroid hormone. They are using it for hyper.

  • Thanks helbell

    I have been reading a lot up about thyroid and fybro

    take care


  • You too :)

  • I forgot to answer symptoms: bladder urgency, brain fog, roving pain and burning, swollen ankles and feet, post exertional fatigue, balance problems and coordination, parathesias...face, feet hands sometimes buttocks and more; difficulty finding words, vision and hearing, spots and baby boils, lots of trigger points in torso upper back, neck legs arms...oh..every friggin where, tinnitus plus tinnitus extreme with heightened imbalance problems such as feeling like drop attacks imminent, periodontal disease and a few other goodies. All these things aggravated by tiredness and stress. Thyroid hormone is giving more energy but dosing and frequency still needs tweaking.

  • Hi Helbell

    sorry to here about all your problems I mam currently suffering from sever weight on my body when I walk shaking legs, nausea, chronic headaches I feel

    disorientated and when I sit down I have vibrations its like a living hell cant go work at moment like this my son get married 2 weeks today and I am dreading it feeling like this


  • Kathy, are you getting help from GP? Inner shakes really sounds like hyper flare. I would strongly suspect or at least have it ruled out. Bloody docs just blame everything onto stress and panic. Have you tried the L Carnatine? I have a Hashi friend who has weight problems and hyper flare ups. I also think mine is Hashi too as I started by losing weight and with these awful inner trembling. I had no idea what was going on then but asked my GP for a blood test which he said came back normal. Then low and behold, eight months down the line, after begging for another test I come back with flying colours on all three markers!! I suspect my fibro has been damage caused by my thyroid all along. I wish you strength to get through your sons wedding and I know that inner trembling is vile...almost like you can't escape from the inside of your body. Good luck flower and keep searching.

  • Thanks helbell

    I go tomorrow I am going to mention it I have lost weight but I have no appetite doc says I have chronic fatigue syndrome I have read about people having all these symptoms with that and fybro

    take care

  • Good luck

  • I have had muscle cramps in various parts of the body, sometimes all at once when I seem to be rubbing each part of the body trying to ease the pain, other times just in a specific muscle, generally left upper and right lower arms. I took Rhus Tox for 5 days (got it from Amazon) and didn't expect any miracles, bus since taking it (stopped nearly a week ago) I have had no cramps at all. Might be worth trying as it's not too expensive. The GP can prescribe meds but they have side effects and cause long term damage so I decided to avoid that route. I have not told my GP about the Rhus Tox but did mention it to an experienced physio who assessed me recently and she said if it works then use it. Sue x

  • looking it up now Rose...

  • The one I used was by Nelsons

  • Thanks very much. Ordered it from Amazon today, and Nelson's. :)x

  • I've had this every day for 14years, in fact when I was laid on the sofa the other day my partner sat on the end of the sofa and put my legs over his (he was sat up ,) he suddenly said oh my god what the hell is up with your right leg? And you could actually see it gripping and letting go in contraction, then my right arm joined in!! He reckoned it reminded him of the film the mummy when all the scarab beetles got under the mans skin! He asked does it hurt? Yes it does , it feels like when you got a Chinese burn that you get at school as a kid!! ( okay so I went to a weird school!!!)

  • Oh Bless...I love the visuals! Do take any remedies for it other than pharma meds...that is if you do take pharma meds? I'm taking big doses of oral B12 again...don't want to speak to soon but all quiet in mummy depot at the moment. Could just be the warmer weather or anything that I am consuming...drives ya nuts.

  • I get those Chinese burns roving round my body...boy, they suck!

  • I still haven't had any new cramps but have another supply of the Rhus Tox - just in case :) xx

  • Still waiting for mine xxx

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