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IBS pain is it like labour contractions?

Does any lady, who is a mummy(sorry for excluding other possibilities) ,ever feel bad with IBS.?

Do you like pain to contractions during childbirth?Even as a Nanna I still vividly remember the heart stopping hurt to produce children!

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Yes the pain can be awful however you must get this checked out soon don't just assume its IBS xx

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As I am a certain age I get screened for bowel cancer annually and this is negative.I need to see my own GP not locum on this.She is away alot in the summer!


Sorry I haven't got IBS.


Yes !!!! It hurts just like that! If you can drink maybe some coffee. That sometimes helps me. Though for some reason fruit aha just goes right through me.



Yes. I always describe the pain of IBS as almost identical to being in labour.

I had a 90 minute labour with my daughter and those contractions were incredibly painful.

This is obviously just my opinion xx


Hi Skit,

Yes it can do. I've had pain like that where I thought it was a gynae problem. It was very painful. I had been eating baked beans earlier that night. So no more beans for me!

It was like labour pains.

I went to Dr and was prescribed mebeverine which I find helps a lot but I still have to be careful with some food.

Hope that helps x

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Hi, yes I have IBS and just this morning was crippled with cramps just like contractions. When this happens I have to stip off in the bathroom because the sweat beats off me until the cramps go away. Buscopan helps with the cramping x


Mine is exactly like that mattoid but usually just happens every couple of months, when it does happen I would rather give birth than have that pain x

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I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I would definitely discuss this with your GP. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Skit

My defernition of IS....... I used to think that I suffered chronic period pains for years, they were that bad they were debilitating. Until 2002, I had a Hysterectomy ( I was/am prone to cysts, had 8 major ops, because of them). The raw pains are still there,so now I know I have been suffering with my bowels not my womb. Sorry to the guys on here. Lol did we had it to


Hi , I had to get the doctor out as the pain was unbearable , my bowel had gone into spasm , he gave me antispasmodic meds , I have changed my whole diet , now eat gluten free and havent eaten meat for 2 monhs , I eat little and often , changing my diet has helped my ibs , fibro and M.E is still debilitating ,

hugs angie x


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