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Hurrendous muscle spasms

I've been on pregabrin, tramodol and naproxin for a few years now and been having horrible sude effects from them like weight gain, terrible hair loss and even more fatigue ontop if what is already had. So I stopped taking my tabs and onky took them when I needed to go out. Thing is I felt better off them because I was able to at least focus on some things I wanted to do during the day. I felt in control but the pain is getting unbearable now and I am having the most Hurrendous muscles spasams in my neck. I had a bout of them in August and had to go to hospital because I couldn't swallow anything without it happening. Was given a mild tranq' just to relax the muscles and sent home. Felt it happening again over the weekend so went back on my medications for fybro which stopped it getting worst. Thing is I now find it hard to concentrate cause I'm just so tired all the time. Dose anyone else have muscle spasams and any advice on meds pls.

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I strongly advise you to see your GP, none of the meds you mention should be stopped abruptly. As for the muscle spasms that can be part of Fibro, however again I would suggest you tell your GP about it. I wish I could be of more help, I have no answer to the exhaustion we feel with this illness sometimes you just have to go with it and rest. Wishing you well. Lou x

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Thanks lou60

Got appointment next week. Had to stop theeds just couldn function on them couldn't think clearly but I know what you mean. I didnt just stop all at once I cut down gradually although quicker than I shoukd have. Anyway will see doc next week and see what she says. Thanks hun x


As lou60 says, it is very advisable to discuss this with your GP as many of the drugs that you mention are slow build up drugs in the system and it is not advisable to stop / start taking them. I want to wish you all the best of luck with your GP appointment.

Take care

Ken x

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Muscle spasms are normally associated with magnesium deficiency we need between 400-600mg a day, source from food only, also research foods that contain live enzymes or proteolytic enzymes pineapple and papaya are the best to try and cure your fibro, don't listen to people with a vested interest in keeping you ill there's no money in curing people.

Your body works on a 2-3 hour cycle regarding amino acid assimilation, so you can put any food into you within a 2 hour period and it will work together, 3 hours is the upper limit. most amino acids always need other amino acids to work correctly the same for vitamins you can only get vitamins from live food so cooking kills aminos and vitamins

Try bananas with the skins on wash the outside thoroughly or even scrape some peel off, pesticides are not good for us, the peel contains more goodies than the fruit so as long as the soil is of ok quality you will get around 75mg of magnesium from one complete banana this also contains tryptophan which is the precursor for serotonin and lots of b vitamins, try and source organically as supermarkets sort of freeze some of there products with nitrogen the maximum nutrition you get from a supermarket bought food is a maximum of 50% of its nutritional value compared to organic food and very often the supermarket food has zero nutrition.

Almonds are another great source due to its versatility in the human body almonds are about the number 1 food for alkaline content disease has real problems existing in an alkaline state.

Try and research raw food, skins of fruit and veggies are normally more nutritious than the food, take potatoes without the skin they are not very nutritious for us but with the peel left on they are great for us

limes and lemons are other foods that have fantastic nutritional value within the skins.

Also research hydrotherapy just having hot and cold alternating baths will reduce your weight as well as the lemon and limes,

One other thing is oxygen therapy whether it be in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber or just taking some hydrogen peroxide with distilled water will help you no end. have a look at some of my other posts as there is a lot more indepth information that will help you


Sorry I hadn't replied till now, just haven't been on site. Thank you what you saud is exactly what I think too about medication people with vested interests in (those who own and have shares in pharmaceutical companies) have no interests in getting people better.  I will take in board what you've written. Magnesium is very important when we're taking meds because it helps the body obsorb the medication hindering needs for higher doses. Thank you. Xx


Morning advise on this sort of medication problem MUST come from a DOCTOR. I cannot emphasize how important it is to talk with your physician about this. Remember we are only people like you who have Fibro. So get an appointment and go and ask all your question. If you get foggy moments write down what you want to say and take the paper with you and if stuck let your doctor read it.

Remember if you are taking strong doses of pills do not suddenly stop them - you gradually build up the medication in your body just stopping can be very unwise. Take advise from your Doctor please!


Administrator Fibroaction

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Hi gloglo :)

I am not a medical professional but I am a bit concerned about you coming off medications without consulting your GP as medications such as Pregabalin and Tramadol require the dosages to be titrated downwards until small enough to stop taking them. This type of reduction method is to prevent your body from going into shock from not having them which could make you very poorly.

Please speak to your GP about your medication concerns as it can take a long time to get the balance of medications right and if they're not working for you your doctor needs to know so that they can try a differing combination :)

I can advise you that I was prescribed pregabalin by a neurologist when I was hospital for muscle spasms he said it was my body's response to pain receptor overload. It is an anti-epilepsly medication and I take it for muscle spasms to help reduce pain basically. However, we are different people with different health problems etc so the same may not apply to you.

Can I also suggest that your GP should be your first port of call if you try any new remedies or treatment in case they clash with what you take already :) Just in case you are considering complementary therapies etc which there is a good factsheet for on our Mothersite :)

Please read the following factsheets taken from as they may contain some useful/helpful information for you that you could discuss with your GP at your next visit :)

How Is Fibro Treated? Medications — general advice.


How Is Fibro Treated? Neurotransmitter Medications


How Is Fibro Treated? Analgesics (Painkillers)


I wish you wellness and resolve to your medication issues and sincerley hope that the factsheets are of help to you :)

Fluffies and smiles :)

xxx sian :)

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