Painful muscle spasms

Hi everyone, I have now been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I am taken get 30/40 mg of Amitriptyline and Tramadol for pain relief however the Tramadol doesn't really work too well. Some days are good, some days are awful but I'm trying my best to deal with it all. I just wondered if anyone had any advice on muscle spasms. I get painful muscle spasms in my legs usually before I get a bad flare up and they are so painful. I find it difficult to sleep with them and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to stop them. I have a heat mat which eases them a little and I always take a hot bath before bed to help me relax but it doesn't help with these horrid pains.

Thanks for any advice xxxx

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  • Have you tried epsom salts in the bath, and been tested for vit d deficiency, it is quite common with fibro, i have tsken vit d tablets for a few years now. Goid luck

  • Hi

    I don't know if you have tried baclofen a muscle relaxant?

    You get on perscription. It might or might not be suitable for you but might be worth a trip to the gp to enquire?


  • I am so sorry to read that you have Fibro, and I genuinely hope that you can find all of the answers that you are looking for. I agree with the others about Epsom salt baths as they are really worth a try.

    I wan to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi

    I found compression really helps so I use a tubular bandage at night.

    Or tight thermal leggings also made a difference. I know this might sound made but I was also on tramadol etc which didn't really help with pain so I stopped taking them and actually feel better for it, not so tired and drugged up.

    Might be worth considering.

  • I too get painful muscle spasms, my doctor took me off trsmadol as he says they don't really help with fibro pain....... I'm now trying a slow release patch for pain plus pregbalin twice daily so far so good. Do hope you find relief from the pain.I am in the middle of as bad flare up so hoping this well help me.

  • Hello Susanna555,

    If I may say I think you may have been misinformed about Tramadol.

    Painkillers such as paracetamol, anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen, or stronger painkillers such as codeine may help to ease pain. However, they often do not work very well in fibromyalgia.

    Tramadol is a stronger painkiller and is recommended if the above painkillers are not helpful. Research studies have shown the benefit of tramadol in people with fibromyalgia.

    Very strong opiate painkillers such as morphine are not recommended. This is because fibromyalgia is a long-term condition. It is unwise to take strong opiates long-term, due to problems with medication dependence. (Kenny 2014) have the Information Standard as do the NHS, here's information about this certification;

    If you would like to look up research articles, you can using Google Scholar - Here's just one article which may be of interest;

    On our website we list key finding in Fibro, that may be of interest too;

    Reduced availability of opioid receptors, explaining why opioid medications are less effective in people with Fibro (Lindsey Middlemiss founder & chair of FibroAction 2009)


    Although Tramadol is an opiate medication it apparently has a Serotonin pathway which is reported to be the potential reason it is effective in Fibro compared to other Opioids.

    Apologies for the long reply, however I wanted to supply many sources to support the use of Tramadol for you to read.

    You may find reading this post about medications for Fibro with links to our website;

    I hope this helps

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Thank you so much for this information Emma....... I'm so pleased I came on this site and am so sorry if I mislead anybody iI wasjust sharing my experience of drugs I have been given, .... I will be having another conversation with my doctor re the information you have given me . thanks again x

  • Hello Susanna555,

    Don't worry you've not mislead anyone, you were just repeating what the Doctor said. I just wanted to clarify that this is not the case. Hope you get the pain relief you need soon :)

    Emma :)

  • Thank you Emma for your reply x

  • I have fibro and suffer daily with muscle spasms all over the main muscle groups but particularly in my legs. I have found that when they work up to being constant that Baclofen really helps. I had them prescribed by my GP.

  • Thank you so much for your replies to my post. I managed to get some sleep last night but have awoken to a painful left leg 😟. My heat mat is already on! I will definitely try all of your tips. I am going to my first appointment at the pain clinic next week. Is Baclofen something I could get from there?

    Thanks again xx

  • Hello jo1978 my partner has suffered fibro for alot of years and for the first few years he realy suffered like you with dreadfull spasums in his legs they would thrash around especialy at night he too was on amiltriptolyn and tramadol i went to see a herbelest to see for any advice because he was in so much discomfort i couldnt bare to see it anyway the herbelest ask what medication he was on and said i could sell you anything in here but i wont because it wont help untill he comes off the tramadol its that what is makeing his legs thrash it was best advice we ever had yes my partner suffers alot but not with thrashing legs he is on a pain patch now that you put on every 3 days and he cannot have amiltrptolyn anymore because that was makeing him very numb and tired all the time which meant he missed alot of family time sorry its all been long winded but we had litterely tried everything first good luck and i hope you get some rest from it

  • I have suffered for years with frightening cramps/spasms, mainly in my calves, sometimes in my thighs, sometimes both together. The GP prescribed quinine sulphate, which I take at bedtime. As long as I don't miss a dose, any spasms which begin are easily dealt with by walking around and/or stamping my feet, or massaging the affected muscles by me or my understanding partner. I hope no one advises against quinine sulphate, as it has changed my life. I do have fibromyalgia.

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