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Ohhh?? No replies to neck muscle spasms?

Is this because this is something fm sufferers have not experienced?

Think i would like answers either way as now am bothered because i have an elderly customer in hospital who is very very ill (terminaly) and he was telling me he was having these! He has had neck problems for many years and surgery and now he not good. I have other elderly customers with problems neck and when they say things i feel like saying omg i had these already before you!

This kinda worries you when your half their age!

But you take derp breaths and carry on

Hmmm xxxxx

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Hi, yes I've had neck spasms, increased by emotional stress, I try not to get stressed and emotional as you can feel the spasms move up your neck and bang major headache, I try to keep my shoulders relaxed it helps, hope this helps

Nicki xxx

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hi fairycazzie. i have always had problems with my neck when i think about it i have had it for many tears and i think that was the stary of my fibro. It got bad when i lifted someone up the bed at work and bang the pain was horrendous, i have to be so carefull what i do in case i go ino spasm. i used to get bad migraines to and that was put down to my neck hope this helps


Yes fairy cazzie, I have it too and I would say that due to the tender points of fibro, everyone does, take care xxx

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No spasms here - but lots of stiffness in my vertebrae - the clicking sort of stiffness if you know what I mean?

Julie xx


Ohh now i feel a littl emore relief! Thanks all..

Not that i think i going to die at all lol..but think of progression etc as this is a part not really had,, suffered a long time with my neck . went 16 yrs ago for months in a collar, but recovered!

back to head banging etc lol.

Anyway this has been so much different since Feb 2011 when neck went then tingling pain etc etc as you all know and found meds Lyrica to help.

I do not feel stressed yesterday so could not understand why it flared up badly. i only did little things like a girl was off and had no cover and i run my business and so i did all the LIGHT work dusting etc , went to Tesco with hubby last night short lived as it got bad. ohh i helped picked some leaves off floor so realy no idea why it flared so badly.

It all started 2wks ago now when stuck in bed with the herendous neck pain etc. got Diazepam and not sure it really doing much as a low dose.

i feel i have to be EXTRA careful OMG how rubbish is it.. i feel i could do things then 2nd thoughts how annoying guys.. so do we alll have to live just doing little and near nothing ???

But thank you for replying.

ohhh well its the weekend now so time to put feet up and try enjoy xxxxxxx you all enjoy too


While neck spasms can happen to anyone, they are more likely for sufferers of Fibromyalgia because of the common occurrence of muscle spasms as a symptom of the disorder. Neck spasms are treatable, however, with a combination of posture, stretching, physical and massage therapy, heat and supplements.

If you experience spasms, when your neck muscles suddenly tighten uncontrollably, your GP may prescribe a short course of a muscle relaxant such as Diazepam.

To help relieve spasms apply heat to the neck using a heat compress or heating pad, or by taking a reasonably hot bath if possible, to stop neck spasms that have just started Keep your neck warm with a scarf to help prevent another spasm.

A physiotherapist or a massage therapist may also help if you're prone to neck spasms. The treatment may be massage or ultrasound treatment to stimulate the muscles with deep heat.

If you are at all worried about spasms in your neck, please speak to your GP who will advise you how to manage it etc.



Hi liberty ,

Yeah Dr gave me Diazepam 2 wks ago and i have been using Deep heat about a yr .

But yesterday was no cream in shop so hubby got spray version and OMG i could not even scratch back of neck, for some reason it made me really itch!!

I never knew spasms in neck existed lol as i only wver suffer major pain and all tingling, numbness burning sting throbbing in arms, so spasms was new!

Thats why was asking xxxxxx

If it was a part if it my Dr said i was rely bad aswell xx


Hi Fairycazzie, so sorry you're having these awful things, spasms are never pleasant. I have the same problem with the spray deep heats, they make my skin feel really itchy and stinging. If you can get someone else rub some deep heat cream into your neck with a slight massaging technique this will really help you.

I hope your tablets help you and that you feel relief soon, and if you do have another spasm you will know how to deal with it. Take care. :)


Aww thank you liberty! :-) my hubby does not like the smell but refers to it as my perfume lol .. Everyone constantly asks me ' is your back any better' omg lol i say its my neck and no not really as i do not think it will ever change nOw!! Used to daily stiffness, ached n pains xxxxx

How are yoooooo xxxx this friday nite


Have you though about asking your doctor about something like hydrocortisone (a steroid anti-inflammatory) cream? you won't be able to use it as much I suspect, but it doesn't smell as bad!

There are other creams you can get as well that contain NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) if you are worried about using a steroid


Hi Simon,

Yes as i thought it be better than pill popping so much but i think they leave until very last resort and since i coping so far as much as suffering ivwill keep going :-)

It is difficult bit the injections i think are 6 months each time.

The cervical cord compresdion on nerves causes much disruption to us in many many ways.

When i am severe in bed thats when i worry!! And this has happend.

But just dose me up on lyrica, diazepam and pain relief.

Its sad really but we push it until no more can be handled.

Thank uou x


I get these as my worst myofascial issues are in my neck & shoulder muscles. It's awful and it kicks off so many other issues - putting my neck in a poor position so causing issues with sleep and Fibro as I have suspected positional cervical cord compression and also causing migraines and headaches. Plus just making me grumpy with the world as I can't get comfy!

Clonazepam always used to help me but I rarely take it now. Myofascial release therapy (MFR) is best for me and pilates has also helped me enormously in the past. I'm just about to start doing a pilates class partly because I keep getting this issue and don't want to have to get even more MFR!


It seems to be a common problem!

I have had neck spasm for years, and they do lead to major headaches. I have found muscle relaxants like clonazepam and diazepam very good too, but if you fancy the non-drug route then heat therapy and physio is good.

One thing no-one has mentioned, but which I find very helpful is cold therapy.

The French use cold compresses for everything, and when I was in Paris last year, and suffering dreadfully with neck pain, the hotel manager called a doctor for me, and gave me an ice-cold gel pack to place on my neck.

The relief was wonderful, and when 'Monsieur le Medicin' turned up he said "Ah yes, always we must apply ze ice to Madame's pain!"

The French doctor was a bit gorgeous - imagine George Clooney with a bit more eyebrow movement and a few Gallic shrugs, so that helped, but unfortunately I couldn't bring him home with me!

Ever since then, when I get neck spasms, out come the ice packs, well wrapped in a soft towel, and it gives very good results. Do give it a try, and I hope it helps others too!

Love, Moffy


I also am suspecting cervical cord compression is one of my problems, but doctors know very little about it still. I have neck and shoulderblade pain, particularly at night in bed, and get swirly lights which wake me up when I have my neck in some positions when I sleep. Doctor of course told me it was migraine, but I get migrains and although I get head pain sometimes with this thing at night, the pain goes when I walk around, which points at it being positional. HOWEVER when I am bad I have a Chiropractor and a deep tissue massage woman who come to my rescue, and I do get some relief.

I do my own trigger point therapy too.

Try finding someone who does trigger-point therapy to relieve the spasms (some chiropractors and physios specialise in it also), and when you find out where those trigger points are you can relieve them yourself using a THERACANE. I mention this because you say you cannot get your hands up to your neck. The theracane is designed so it hooks over round your neck and shouders without you having to raise your arms up, and you can apply pressure just by resting the weight of your arms on it at the front of your body. The best 20 something quid I ever paid (and no, I am not employed by the company :-)). You can also apply pain relieving gel on to the end of it and use it to rub in where you cannot reach - saves huby having to guess where it hurts.

Hope this helps


Hi have you had MRI's???

I had 3 thats how i know my problems so far



Just going to investigate the cahnce of getting MRIs, as my chiropractor has urged me to find out if I have the compression before she does any more work on my neck. I have heard it needs 3 scans with the neck in different flexions, but I am thinking with the state of the NHS I will be lucky just to get one ! (I work for the NHS :-) :-) )


I can't provide any answers but from my first fibro flare 14/15yrs ago I have a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders. My neck is still very stiff most of the time and if I can manage to turn my head any way there are , to me , loud crunching sounds.

My neck was so stiff initially and I could hardly walk because of pains in my hips and pelvic girdle that my G.P. then, had no doubt that I had polymyagia. It could not be proved with a blood test (even though the test is only 72% accurate) so I was put down as having fibro.!

When I haven't really been able to cope with it then I found some massage from my pet physio helps as much as anything.

Best wishes


I am not totally sure if my neck pain is just as you all seem to describe, but I suffer from feeling like I am choking. It's as if something is pressing on my windpipe when I lie down, not all the time but I would say at least 3 to 4 nights a week. Sometimes I go to sleep OK but then wake up feeling like I have a lump pressing down closing my throat.


That sounds like sleep apnea to me. I get it occasionally when I am on my back, I am carrying some weight around my neck (and other places) which is supposed to aggrivate it, but it can happen to anyone apparantly. I have read you can buy these dental things that reposition your jaw so it doesn't slide back and soften your throat structure when you sleep which helps, but not fancied doing that. I tired sleeping with a bite raiser once and that wasn't nice :-)


Hi Fairycazzie, yes I too suffer with my neck....I have bought sooooo many pillows trying to support it you just wouldn't believe! It's the nape of my neck & across my left shoulder & down my arm it throbs & causes me so much pain.

Sorry I would have answered you the first time you asked your question but I didn't see it.

Take care Fairycazzie. Gwen. xx


Hi there, yes i have 2 mattreses, memory foam topper, memory foam neck support,

Quilt and a tens machine when bad but that provoked it a lot.

Its so cruel :-(

I hope you soon are sorted to help relief but its hard xxxxxxxxx


Yeah mills its not nice and just so annoying every moment! Uou feel in slow motion all time doing things.

Bless you too. I cannot do diclofenic i was really ill the Dr had to come out to me on them omg. I am allergic to antinflamatorys and seems anything with aspirin i pass out xxxx


yes neck and shoulder and jaw spasms. it seems these are my main area where fibo has affected me most. It makes my arms and shoulders weak, I struggle to open jars and tins etc, struggle to use a simple rolling pin when baking! very frustation. Seems to be a main trigger point for the pain etc.


I am exactly same ! I had sinus trouble feb this year got steroids. And then hit me like ton of bricks one side face and rhen cheeks and my jaw burns stings like mad.. I also bleed a lot in mouth aswell?? I went dentist and said my problems are not dental!! But gave corsodyl for bleeding only no eveidence where coming from :-( xxxxx


Hi i also get muscle spasms in my neck, and suffer from numbness and tingling in my arms. also i suffer from migraines from it. my meds are Pregabalin, Duloxetine, Oxycontin, Diclofenac. i find also heat helps, a migrowave bean bag. i get swollen shoulders too. and have spinal cord problems including pelvic pain and Sciatica. the neck pain is the worse as affects my coardination too. i have mri's on my neck and have spondyliosis. cord compression on my back too. i hope you get some pain relief soon!


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