Rollocking Riddles for Bank Holiday entertainment :)

1. When is a baby like a basket ball player?

2. What did the pacific ocean say to the Atlantic Ocean?

3. What did the piece of wood say to the drill?

4. What did one ear say to the other ear?

5. What did the ear 'ear?

6.why was the glow worm so unhappy?

7. Why did the car get a puncture?

8. Why was the boxer known as PICASSO?

9. Why did the computer sneeze?

10. What fly has laryngitis?

11. What time do most people go to the dentist?

12. When do clocks die?

13. What is the only true cure for dandruff?

14. Did Adam and Eve have a date?

15. What is small white round and giggles?

16. What do you cal two rows of vegetables?

17. Why do watermelons get married?

18. Where were Potatoes first found?

19 What is a forum?

20 Why do artists make lots of money?

Well there we go round one answers for Monday evening . New competiton Monday Good luck xxgins

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  • 11 twothirty


    12 when they are dandelion clocks??

  • dont let on - you may be wrong -not till Monday Please! thanks xgins

  • You have certainly come up with a puzzeler this time Gins, :P This is going to take some thinking about :O

  • sorry gins.iknow i maybe wrong but seem to remember last time members giving answers to you riddles -those which they knew/guessed when posted?probably wrong.misread your post-thought it just meant you were posting answers on Monday not to -not reply to them til then.

  • Sorry gins, I am a little lost here? Nothing new then! Am I supposed to keep my answers to myself until Monday?

    Thank you

    Ken x

  • hi ken i thought it mi ght be more fun

  • Ok! I will await your answers!

  • Apologies everybody I was my usual foggy self. It will be great to see the answers on Monday and then I will give you the real answers :D Hope you all enjoy it ! :D xgins

  • challenge accepted :P :P :P

    How's you, Flower? xx

  • sorry missed this, tis flower is a little worn round the edges at mo but I am challenged daily by Honey the puppy= the giver of great joy and peace and pain and laughs and and and he he

    How are you Badger ?

    I always enjoy bandying words with you! :D


  • Aw. Lavender scented hugs.

    Word play is one of my fave pastimes too. Love the tongue twister elsewhere.

    Don't tell me Honey is a lab?

    Had a good day yesterday. Sunny all day. After checking the cows we walked to another church for rogation, had a picnic and short very relaxed service interrupted by kids and dogs. I got tot walk a dog too, and ring a bell, something I haven't done for 5 years so despite today's weather I'm a happy Billy Badger.

  • That sounds totally ideal sounds like Billy Badger is a softy after all.

    I catch up with you one day and we can ave a proper chat take care keep smiling and bring on the laughs xxgins

  • Shush! You'll ruin my street cred

  • tough one.cant wait til Monday to get real answers

  • Brilliant quiz! I only know (guess) these. :)

    8.bcos he spent so much time on the canvas

    .9.bcos it had a virus.

    11. 2.30.

    15. Me!

    16. A dual cabbageway.

    19.the one after a threeum.

  • These were right well done thanks for playing xgins

  • Answers

    1. When he dribbles

    2 Nothing they just waved

    3. You bore me

    4. Between you and me we need a haircut

    5. Only the nose knows

    6. Her children weren't very bright

    7. there was a fork in the road

    8. Because he spent all his time on the canvas

    9. It had a virus

    10 A hoarse fly

    11 Tooth hurty 2.30

    12 when there times up

    13 Baldness

    14. No they had an apple

    15. A tickled onion

    16. A dual cabbageway

    17. because they can't elope

    18. In the ground

    19 One-um plus three-um

    20. Because they can draw there own wages

  • Well done every one thanks for playing next one is a knock knock :)


  • Well I didn't do very well with that? Better luck next time with the knock knock quiz?

    Thank you so much for doing this gins, it is genuinely appreciated.

    Ken x

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