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We’ll send you a form they drawl

Ten pages be sure you fill in all

It asks how far you can walk

If your sensible when you talk

each page is like the one before

And the next how many more

The questions thrice repeated

It makes one feel so defeated

But we sit there pens in hand

Trying to make a formal stand

All of this is done in vain

They don’t care about the pain

Each clerk has a pile to get through

So much to read so much to do

For them it’s just a daily grind

Done with knock off time in mind

A refusal here and a refusal there

Is that my pen under your chair

Did you meet him at lunch today

Tell us the gossip what did he say

Look at the clock its ten to five

The postal bags due to arrive

Mark one and all as refused

Tell them all the money’s used

Treat each fibro case as fraud

we know Its as long as it is broad

Don’t give a thought to the one

whose life has changed mobility gone

we sit here stressed and in pain

never to really live or work again

exhausted aching and very sore

Funding it hard to take much more

We hope one day when you are ill

and your DLA forms you must fill

you find karma is alive and well

As you too are told to go to hell.

The world is round so they say

It will turn on you one day

There will be smiles on every face

When your form ends in disgrace

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Couldn't have put it better! Nice one Petal.

Gentle hugs,


Carol xx


that is SH*T hot lv im gonna put it on fb,lots of lv and hug :) xxxx




Spot on!!! Love it.




fantastic xx


Great luv it :)


Very true and very amusing.xx


This is very good and may be very true and portrays what life is really like for us on here...... but please spare a thought for those who work for the department and are carrying on working despite having FMS, because they need a job and fear for it,., cutbacks etc. and being told they are not doing their job up to standard and basically being bullied by their bosses.... Yes this happens to the staff too....

Then when they then have to leave as they can't cope any longer, they get treated in the same way as you and I.

Believe me it's true....... Not all the staff are heartless. ...... And please don't tell me I don't have a sense of humour.... May be not... Laughter went a long ago when i had to live in daily pain.

Thanks for sharing though ((((hugs))))


Sincere apologies if I have offended everyone it was not intentional. You are right I.should keep my.humour off this site. Sorrry petal


no do not keep your humor off this site blossom, you are a god send, if we didnt laugh we would only cry hun but once the tear come they never stop and i for one would like to laugh a bit more so keep it up !!! x paula x


I totally agree, humour is good for us all, but a little addition just so that everyone know that not al, staff are bad.

No offence taken, but yes I used to work for theDSS and life was very hard for me, not just from the public but from bullying bosses too. What you posted was really good, so please don't stop posting. I still have a few friends who are left there and some fog them have servers health problems too, but has continued to work otherwise they cant afford their mortgage payments, especially after having to moe as they could no longer manage to walk the stairs.

I don't really know why i am telling you all this, but I just didn't want all staff being tarred with the same brush.......sorry ii've moaned... I didn't mean to xxx


There are good and bad all over but unfortunately not many of the good appear to work as decision makers, either that or they are just doing what they have been told to do....

Keep up the good work with your work petal, hopefully everybody can see the humour and we all need laugh xx


this is soo clever - everyone should take this as it is a funny poem . your poking fun at the establishmant not indivduals Petal. Keep it up! love soft hugs & kissses dottiedog


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