Gins Ridiculous Riddles - Oh not again I hear you cry - Oh yes we need more fun and light in our lives

1. What did the egg say to the whisk?

2. What ring is always square?

3. What does a girl look for but hopes she will never find ? ( She is looking down!) sh no clues

4. What flowers grow under your nose? :)

5. Which Trees are always sad? :(

6. What sort of star is dangerous ?

7. Why does lightening shock people?

8. What did the didgeridoo? :)

9. What kind of sharks never eat women ?

10. Why are rivers Lazy? :(

11. Why did the ocean Roar? :D

12. Why did the footballer take a piece of rope on to the pitch ?

13. What illness do martial artists get?

14.What has 22 legs and two wings but can't fly?

15.What is the best way to win a race?

16. What washes up on very small beaches?

17. Why did the car get a puncture?

18. During which battle was Lord Nelson killed ?

19. Who was the fastest runner in the whole world?

20. Why did Henry VIII have so many wives?

That is the end for today I hope you enjoy them they are a random selection!


12 Replies

  • 2 Boxing ring

  • 2) Boxing ring

    5) Weeping willow

    14) I want to say a football team, maybe?

    15) Be the only person in it

  • 1. Beat it

    2. Boxing Ring


    4. Two Lips (tulips)

    5. Weeping Willow

    6. Disa 'star' (disaster)

    7. It's a bolt from the blue!



    10. There are always in beds

    11. Cos' of the Sea Lions

    12. Hoping for a tie

    13. Kung Flu?

    14. Cricket







    Still thinking, cogs slow today !!

  • 1. Beat it

    2, Boxing



    5,weeping willows

    6, Shooting star



    9,Man eater

    10,it is usually in its bed ( untill the rain comes down)



    13, Kungflu

    14,Football team ??

    15, come first?

    16, very small dishwasher :P

    17, Got it nailed

    18,Trafalger or is that too easy?


    20,He kept giving them the chop :P

  • Shooting Star , Fab ! Should have thought of that

  • correct for 2, are there more answers? :) Well done everyone keep them coming !!

    I am leaving this set up for thre days and then I will give you the answers.

    Good Luck


  • Here we go again!

    1. Beat it!

    2. Boxing / Wrestling Ring

    3. Sagging Boobs

    4. Tulips

    5. A Weeping Willow

    6. A Drag'Star'

    7. It is Electricity!

    8. Skip To The Loo My Darling!

    9. Man Eaters

    10. Because They Have Beds

    11. It Has Sea Lions

    12. It Was A Cup Tie

    13. Jujit'Poos'

    14. A Football Team

    15. Cheat!

    16. Whatever We Flush Down The Toilet!

    17. Women Drivers!

    18. The Battle Of Trafalgar

    19. Road Runner!

    20. He Loved Wedding Cake!

    Thank you gins I really enjoyed doing that.

    Ken x x x x

  • Thanks Ken your answers are ingenious and funny thanks for having a go !! :D

  • 18 His last one. Sorry, my homework's late, Miss. I been busy.

  • you must try harder badger :)

  • I can be very trying :P

  • Bringing these forward so you can find the missing questions ;0

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