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Horrifying Humour from Gins

What kind of tests do witch teacher give?

Hex aminations

What do you call two whitches who share a room

Broom mates

What did the whitch say to the ugly toad/

I'd put a curse on you but somebody all ready did

Why do whitches have stiff joints

I love this answer broomatism!!

Enjoy I am actually off out tonight to see a show I will tell you all about it when I get back. hot chocolate and bourbons please.

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I can't decide witch of those jokes is the worst :o I quote the seagulls from 'Finding Nemo' when it comes to hot choc an bourbons

'mine' 'mine' 'mine' 'mine' 'mine' 'mine'


I don't really mind sharing :P


Bourbons? all right!


Hot choc is being made right now ken if you'd like one to go with your bourbons :D


Thank you, that would be lovely! x x x x


There you go..... proper too made with milk on the hob :)

There's plenty if anyone would like a mug :)



That's lovely, thank you x x x x


Hi gins enjoy your show, haven't got any bourbons but got brevita biscuits or maybe ginger that's about it, or I can do you some ryvitas or crisp bread???? .....what show are you gonna see, what's it called......enjoy, gentle hugs...Dee xxx


hehehehehe! I like them. thank you!


Morning All went to see Hot Flush a musical would you believe - staring Lesley Joseph you all know her as Dorreen from the TV sitcome . I must admitt she was very good her timing was excellent very slick and you need that for good comedy. The only thing her singing voice is past its best. The rest of the supporting cast were very good especially the guy who worked hard as he played every part so needed his versatility to be well tuned. He was also good looking and had a good body . We did have a laugh!



Sounds fantastic gins :)

We waited for you with hot choc too but can make you one for mommies day instead :) xxx


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