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feet and thich issues

whent for what i call a mind over matter walk the other day and feet whent stone cold now i have cold sores on the big toes

and whent to phisio did some of the exersises that are new to me and found out i was having pain in my thighs cant seem to get feet and legs going now in a morning all due to somthing like a small ankle ache that has worked it way up to my back AND I KEEP WONDERING IF ITS MY BACK.

THIS thing seems to move all over the place when you are compensating to another leg.

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I'm sorry. I too feel like one muscle starts pulling on other muscles and throws my whole body out of wack.

Are you stretching all the muscles? That might help some, massage, working on posture/foot placement when I walk and rubbing on magnesium chloride oil also help me a lot with those tight muscles. I also try to juice once a day(at least)- the amount of nutrients really help too. Try treating yourself life an athlete, I find that is what my body wants, though I am no where near athletic now a days.

I hope you can find relief soon.


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The trouble with fibro is it moves all around your body and while your brain is trying to think "what did I do to cause that" the pain has often travelled somewhere else.

I have noticed that a lot friends here complain about their backs and I wonder if we walk or move differently and put added strain on muscles we haven't used very often

Could the sores on your toes be chilblains? This normally happens with bad circulation and can be painful. If you keep getting cold feet put on warm socks, even in bed if necessary, or soak your feet in warm (not hot) water and rub gently.

You can get a prescription to help poor circulation, something like nifedamine, (not sure of the spelling) which opens up the blood vessels.

Unfortunately although I have Raynauds I cannot take this as I have hot flushes as well!


Hope this helps.


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It could be that unfortunately like me that you have perhaps the combination of fibro and back problems. We then tend to have poor posture because of the soreness and pain from the back and as everything is linked to th spine itcam then affect our legs and feet. If one part is hurting badly we then sometimes unknowingly favour the other side and this can compound the problems.

Unfortunately like others say it sounds as though you have bad chilblaims. I find if I have got my feet cold they will after some day go the very opposite and go red hot and itchy. If you can reach them try to gently massage your feet and keep them warm even putting insulated insoles into existing shoes and boots can help stop the cold striking up through the soles. Hope they clear up soon.x

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Hi minka Sorry your having these problems with your feet and legs. have you told the doctor about your feet and shown him the sores ?

As you say my friend, Fibro does seem to jump around your body and you can have foot pain for a day & shoulder pain the next, sometimes everything hurts, even my finger nails hurt some days. I was even told by one doctor yrs ago that I had Migrating Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Although with saying that, I know a lot of pain I get In shoulders, legs, hips, sides, even my feet comes from my back but I suffer with Polymyalgia aswell.

You should talk to your doctor & ask for xray if you think it's your back because it may be.

Luv Jan x

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hi janet thanks for your reply i have paid for my own mris of knee and back and ankle. all ligaments their in ankle could not get a proper signal out of the knee acl. and back well 2 degenerative discs but their remains fat round the nerve route etc well you would expect that from a 66 year old. last time i had this i insisted they go into the knee and they said nothing wrong in your knee like they are asaying now

But 4 years ago when i insisted they forund grade 1 pattela

grad 3 medial crondial

acl stretched

now here is the funny bit i pulled it all back in 5 months no pain no nothing could walk for miles but not run on it. speed walking could beat anyone. Then after my hernia opperation 8 weeks after i didnt feel so good was pulling it back but we where walking for the train fast didnt feel so go next thing ankle swelled a bit Thought rest it for 6 weeks and exersise it then it moved into my knee also then my back then i got small lumps on me dip and pips just like 4 years ago and now this thing is back with a vengance it can be hitting u in places all over you body. Ho forgot to mention the gums started to receed quite fast sowing longer teeth Now i have to go to hospital to have them out.

Some how i get the feeling that gum desease has a lot to play in the role of things here I have been reeding more and more on perodonitus and bacteria getting in ones blood stream.


Hi minka

I really am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that your pain levels drop soon for you. It could be your back? However, if this persists or gets any worse it may be best to talk to your doctor about this problem. Please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



what started out as a hernia opperation im doing ok then the ankle started playing up has spread upward to knee then hands then back im at a loss wioth all this the more exersise i put in now the more my feet thermostat has gone


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