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dla tribunal hearing next month :-(

Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone can help me, i have a Dla tribunal next month and was just wondering what to expect ??? I have a lady from DIAL helping me with my case due to fibro and depression, however how long does the hearing last ??? what do they ask you ??? i am really stressing out over it as i dont like going out and meeting people i dont know so am stressed to the max just thinking about it any comments will be greatly received xxx

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Hi sarah24

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am sorry but I have never been through anything like this before. However, I have pasted you the AdviceNow link that explains what happens, so I genuinely hope that you find it useful:

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this, and I genuinely hope that you are successful.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thank you so much for your kind reply Ken, i will take a look at the link now many thanks.

Sarah x


Hi Sarah

Haven't attended a DLA tribunal but accompanied and helped my husband for his two ESA ones. When we got to the tribunal building we were greeted by a clerk who booked us in and looked at my husband's identification paperwork and explained briefly about what would happen and claiming ecxpenses, etc. We were also asked if we wished to submit any further evidence which we did. We were then called into the tribunal room where a Judge, GP and another member were waiting seated the other side of a large desk. The Judge explained again what was going to happen. They had already had time to examine all the papers that we had submitted and then proceeded to ask my husband some clarification questions. They then asked us to go back to the waiting room whilst they discussed my husband's case and then asked us to go back in.They decided that they were unhappy about some of the findings of the Atos nurse and some inaccuries that we had pointed out such as incorrect recording of medication, etc. They decided that at the first tribunal they had insufficient evidence to make a decision on that day and had decided to ask my husband's doctor for all his medical records from the moment he said he first became ill. At the second tribunal it was a totally new set of decision makers. They asked a few more questions and asked my husband whether there was anything he would like to add or any questions he would like to ask. We were then sent out whilst they made a decision. Fortunately, it went in our favour and my husband had his ESA reinstated and backdated to when it was stopped. One question they did ask was whether he had missed any important family occasions because of his illness which he had as he had not been able to attend two family funerals. This question could have thrown him as initially he said no as he was so full of nerves but they could see I was bursting a gut to speak and they allowed me to do so. When they made the decision in his favour they apologised for the long wait and the stress he had been put through. At all times they were very professional but we felt very fair. Hope this helps and good luck I hope you get the decision you derservex


Hi sarah24...I had my dla appeal yesterday they ask you about your illness and how it affects your everyday life,, the panel I had was very understanding and really nice,, was in there for half hour told to leave the room for 10mins, my friend went back in as it was a struggle for me to walk but they awarded me high rate mobility and middle rate care indefinitely, , just be yourself good luck x


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