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Sore knees

Hi all, been diagnosed with fibro for 14 yrs now, which seems to be getting worse, meaning more things hurting anyway was wondering do any of you have leg or knee probs, I can't explain what's going on with mine but I seem to have lost strength and support in either my knees or legs, and are quite sore, I have a terrible back to so hoping it's something to do with my that, but I'm struggling to walk as well as I did and they are stuff and lack movement.

I would appreciate what others say, thanks.

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hi there.i was diagnosed with fibro in 2005 btu sinc e2011 things got worse-what I now know to be lupus knees have been getting worse-very achy and I cant settle in the evenings .my legs feel heavy and weak and I can only walk slow im struggling to walk my dogs .I have a curve in my spine so could be to do with that??


My back has quite a curve in it too, when I lie flat on the floor my back is arched, no idea why.


Hi littlejan

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing these problems at the moment, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues.

I have arthritis in my knees, so they go rather red in colour and swell. Then they get sore and very stiff, it is very unpleasant.

If this is a new symptom for you, it is advisable to discuss the issue with your GP just to rule anything else out and keep your GP up to date with how you are getting on?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I am the same. I have to walk slowly or my knees feel like they will give way, but I can't walk far as the pain really kicks in at my back. I had quite bad sciatica and this pain is not the same but I am trying to get back to Pilates which helped my lower back problems before (my physio recommended it). My back and legs are always sore but the knees would be intermittent, getting more frequent. Stairs are my enemy :)


Hi littlejan,

tiredalot40 has put into words exactly what I've been going through - and it appears to be getting progressively worse.

I was only diagnosed three years ago but it actually started with what appeared to be sciatica on my left side but the predominant difficulty for me was getting what appeared to be a 'strong spasm' down the back of both legs - from just below my buttocks to my ankles. The spasm would last for a few seconds - almost like a cramp or muscle pull. Once the spasm stops, I lose ALL muscle tone in my legs!!

It's extremely scary and on three occasions, I just escaped serious injury. Once, I was crossing a main road and had to be helped across by other pedestrians. Another time I was coming down a stairwell in a block of flats and last but not least, the escalator at a busy tube station - sorry, I can't recall right now the name of the station but can picture it in my mind - I think it's the fog.

My GP cautiously chalked it up to something linked to my diabetes. The Rheumy and Neuro have tried to link it to the Fibro but I'm still not convinced. The ongoing stiffness, heaviness and weakness in my legs has been ongoing and getting progressively worse. This has prevented me from getting out and about much. It's still being seen as part of my Fibro by my doctor but I'm busy investigating it for myself so if you do find about anymore about your situation, please do share as I'm keen to get to the bottom of mine as well.

Wishing you the best possible health and coping skills.

Stay strong and Stay Positive.


You may have other problems going on with your knees. Please see your doctor, also asked to be referred to a pain clinic, It saved my life. Praying you get the help you need and start feeling better sweetheart!!! xxxx Mitzi


I know were your coming from and feel for you, I had same problems and now know I have Arthritis and loss of muscles ubove my left knee, which makes me walk slower with the pain andthe fack that the leg gives way sometimes, we all seem to have lower limb problems.

keep pushing for the care to find out exactly what is going on with you, it helps you to cope, all the best and take care.

Cowsrock x


Oh Snap! Im in agony, my knees feel like glass ready to shatter.


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