Have you got knees like these?

Have you got knees like these?

I don't know but I feel like I've got three golf balls under my skin! New appointment for rheumy second opinion . First one had to complain about to pals. Got letter back,apologies without really apologising! They have all the right jargon. Had to Chase up neuro supposed to see her in February. Rang up to find she has left. Now with another but they are 2months behind. Secretary lovely lady I asked if there are any reports gone to my company's pensions management company. Just got report today from new neuro. They have had this since September! Yes I do have small nerve peripheral neuropathy. Next step research techniques such as punched skin biopsies. I really could have known this sooner. Why is it we always have to battle for every forward step. Anyway back to knees. Won't be getting these babes out on holiday! These are th ones my doctor said something about fat pads. Lovely. Hope you all have a good night xx👍

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  • LottieD hope you can this sorted out Hun my knees are swollen more my right one i have swelling above the knee and sides but been told it's fibro related good luck with app

    Love bam ❤❤

  • Hi. Well mines the left, so could have a good pair between us ! I'll fight you for it lol.Hope you manage some sleep tonight xx

  • Put your dukes up LottieD lol we would end up on the floor and not be able to get up we need legs ones they take them off before bed hope you sleep tonight hun xx

  • Hi both of you, I thought fibro was not supposed to cause inflammation ? That it was only rheumatic disease that caused inflammation? Have you both had it checked ? All the best

  • Shazzzy I've always troubled with my knees with one thing and another I have lumps at the back the side is really painful I've had test and bloods don't nothing showed up but wear and tear they told me xx

  • Had to read that twice...lumps on your what side?!!😲

  • Yes like you I thought that. See what happens when I see next rheumy.All bloods have come back as normal so I just have to wait and see,will show him or her my photos.

  • In my experience these types of swelling definitely need looking at properly, shouldn't be dismissed as fat pads without x-rays etc xx

  • Hi lottie my knees are a bit like that, I do not care on holiday, still wear swimming two piece, and show them off. l always worry more about my stomach sticking out lol. xx

  • Hi my friend

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you an find some relief to the problem. The official NHS line is that Fibro is not an inflammatory illness? Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • OMG. This is really interesting. I have one under my left knee. Gets bigger and more painful the more active I am. Dismissed it as a fatty lump as I have nf type 1. Maybe I should see GP. What do you guys think??

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