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fibromyalgia and pip

hi I'm new here but would like any helpful advice on dealing with the change from dla to pip, ive already been through the incapacity to esa and after my appeal was successful was put in the support group. ive been told by various people that having fibromyalgia isn't taken very seriously and isn't a reason for receiving pip, I have various medical conditions fused vertebrae, disc disease, spondylitis arthritis, but I have been told by a physiotherapist that I have fibromyalgia, my question is should I go to my gp and get a diagnosis so I can put it down on my pip form as one of my medical conditions, I'm already on all of the medication that is used to treat fibromyalgia (pregabalin amytriptiline baclofen etc) so being diagnosed by my gp is really just to add another string to the bow for the pip assessment as it wont change the treatment I receive, any advice would be much appreciated

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Hiya I would definately see your doc and get it confirmed. Pip don't always get in touch with them but it's best to. Also get a letter from your doc regarding your conditions. I have had a pip assessment but not an ESA one yet. Good luck. I've just replied to BLOSSOMing questions regarding pip if you want to have a read of that. It may help. Take care x


Hi there

I think that you will find that the DWP don't write to your GP as it costs too much money for them to do that.

You are correct in thinking that being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia is not a reason to be automatically awarded with PIP.

It very much depends upon how your illness affects you and your day to day life as to whether you are awarded.

Have a word with Janet our benefits adviser and ask her what she thinks. I will pop back and give you her contact details at the end of this message.

Wishing you much peace

Lu x


** Here is a link to Janet's contact details. Click on the blue link:


Hi jcb27 I would definitely get the doctor to confirm this and then it will be on your records properly. This is very useful as if you have to go to the hospital, or have a sudden health emergency, this condition will have already been noted.

This also means you are "in the loop" if your condition changes and you need to see a rheumatologist or other consultant. In the unlikely event that the DWP do contact your GP the information is there.




BlueMermaid3 has given excellent advice as always the only thing I can add is you need to have had the condition or problem I should say for 3 months

Good luck



Get every string to every bow you possibly can, dont leave out any evidence that you can access.


Hi jcb27

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below from the CAB cache entitled: Moving from DLA to PIP:

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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thank you for all of your comments they have been very helpful, I'm going to ask my gp to do a letter for me I dont mind paying if it helps my case i've just had a bit of a jolt tho, of the 2 gp's I see in our practice one has left and the other has gone onto indefinite leave, so i've now got to go to a new dr and ask them to do a letter for me to put in with my pip forms, argh!!! this has happened to me before, I just hope the lady gp I'm seeing on Wednesday is sympathetic and will take the time to listen to me instead of here's a prescription and out the door type that I'm sure we've all come across! sorry for the rant just needed to let off a bit of steam. I wish I hadcome across this site years ago, ive had most of the symtoms of fybro since around 2000 and was told by a health professional (cant remember which one) that my symptoms pointed to fybro but at the time I had a lot of other health problems being looked into and there wasn't that much info about fybro then as I remember anyway. but about a year ago a physiotherapist advised me that I had many of the symptoms of fybro but I was already receiving the meds to treat it anyway (pregabalin amytriptiline baclofen ferusamide etc) so I haven't gone down the road of being properly diagnosed until now so hopefully my new gp will help me look into it. here's a couple of tips that help me - I can only stay in bed for 4 hours at night before I just have to get up, but I do manage to sleep by using the simplest of techniques deep breathing and tensing and relaxing of muscles, also my neck and shoulders are the worst and I do find the microwave heat bags can help to relieve pain to some extent.


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