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about the esa and the dreaded envelope

hi just received that horrible coloured envelope telling me i am getting swapped into esa well if i get it.. i am currently on incapacity.. can anyone tell me what happens next.and what kind of questions they ask when they call or i am taken in for a interview.. also.. is there anyone with fibromyalgia/me get top rate of esa???????????? i much appreciate if u can take some time out to help me with this xxx

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Hello Diane, if you email us on we will be happy to send you the Benefits and Work info sheets for free on ESA and DLA which hopefully will help you.

The first stage is the Assessment Phase which generally takes about 13 weeks minimum. (This period can be considerably longer, there is no definite time for this) During this time you will be sent an ESA50 form to complete, this is the capability for work questionnaire. You may have to attend a medical too.

At the end of the Assessment a decision will be made as to whether you are eligible for ESA and which group you will be in, either WRAG (Work Related Activity Group) or the Support Group.

The Benefits and Work info sheets will explain more about all of this, I am just summarising for you so you know what to expect initially.

I hope this helps and gives you some idea. We will do all we can to help and support you.

(((hug))) xxx



I'm only a few weeks ahead of you, I've returned my ESA50 form and now waiting to see what happens next.


I am already in the support group with ESA and I still got one of the ATOS thingy's to fill in. Not quite sure what will be happening but have completed it and returned it so we shall see. All we can really do is hold thumbs and hope for the best.


well nothing more I can add here apart from if you get asked to go for a medical please please please do not go alone. I went alone and was classed fit for work. I wish you luck with all of this xxxxx


Hi Diane if you have to go for a medical state you want it recording, if you dont more likely you will get put in the WRAG if they know its going to be recorded then they had to put just what you have said and not what they want to put! Good luck x


ive been on esa since i was made redundant in august, ive had an appointment come thru for the 20th for my medical assessment, im so nervous, I dont know why, im so ill and depressed I dont know how im going to stand being there for long! these interviews only add to the suffering we go through daily... My memory is soo poor I dont remember what I was doing this morning, Im definately taking someone with me, I hate going anywhere on my own, as I feel I might just lose myself!! I'll update the experience once ive been :( xx


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