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The story of the little chip


Once upon a time there was a chip that through no fault of its own found itself all alone in the dark with no company at all and it felt very lonely.

While at the same time on another shelf in the fridge sat a lone sausage and it was feeling quite lonely and sorry for itself.

While on the top shelf was a small salad tomato, this was quite a happy bouncy little tomato that wanted to bounce around and enjoy itself.

It was bouncing around on its shelf having fun when suddenly it slipped down the gap between the edge of the shelf and the door and it hit the next shelf with such a thump it dislodged the chip which fell through the bars of the shelf and landed right on top of the sausage, well they both felt it immediately, the feeling of togetherness and belonging of being a pair, of being complete, they were so happy, they were considering names for their little ones (chisage, sausip just to name two)

Suddenly they were plunged into lightness as the light came on and the door was opened and they realised just how different they were and all the problems they would have being accepted when a hand grabbed them both and in one movement they went from fridge to mouth and were gone ( followed by the tomato and some milk)

The morale of this story is: Do not believe that sausages and chips could ever have children because if they are in the fridge the are an endangered species

Take care and kindest regards


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Like it! Thank you my friend.


Brilliant thanks for the chuckle oh chip Father 9/10 on the giggle worthy rating xxgins


Hehe :d


hehehe :)




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