the fog lifted

about lunch time and i wanted to walk! I was taken to the supermarket and using just a stick, walked round like i did 4 years ago, tried on clothes and enjoyed looking close up instead of from a distance like i do in the mobility scooter. i could even reach the top shelf! I enjoyed the experience and know it wont last forever. i did not overdo it cos i was being sensible for a change. Tonight i feel good!

Soft hugs to you all, take care xxxx

7 Replies

  • Brilliant sounds like you had a good day. Take care, Love Angela x

  • Fantastic, glad you had a great time...long may it continue xx

  • if i sleep better than last night i will be a happy bunny!! thanks both xxxx

  • sorry, missed one! all three i should have said. xxx

  • Thats Brilliant, i'm so glad for you, and i hope you have many more days just like that :-) love and hugs and wishing you a good nites sleep too :-) xxxx

  • so pleased you did that now keep that memory in your head and hopefully the joy you felt of doing that will carry you through a few weks of nice times love to you diddle x

  • i was still hyper at bed time but managed to get some sleep. feel a bit stiff today, but what else can i expect? Today I took my pooch for a long walk which we both enjoyed (except those darn hailstones) and now we are going to rest. Hope you all have a good day!! soft hugs xxxxxx :)

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