The moral of the story ?

woke up yesterday morning and was amazed that my pain levels were bearable the first time in , well cant remember . So decided would take things slowly and just enjoy , however decided to put away some socks of my partners that had been lurking about in the bedroom getting on my nerves . I turned from the drawer caught my foot in the quilt on the bed started to fall so banged my other foot down instinctively to stop my self from falling . WOW the pain shot through my whole body , i felt sick , cold but every point in my body was in agony . I , spent the rest of the day curled up on the sofa everywhere flaring . It seems the moral of this story is , well there's gotta be one in there somewhere but my brain is too foggy right now to work it out x

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  • hi floozy sorry you had such a yuk day after getting up feeling not to bad. I think from now on get your partner to put his own socks away and i think he should pamper you for a bit as it was his socks that caused you to fall. hope todays is better gentle hugs xx

  • thank you , still flareing so my attempts at being a domestic goddess are over lol

  • The moral of the story is :

    " He who leaves socks lying around the bedroom shall thereafter cook the evening meal and buy chocolates and flowers in apology "


    Hope you feel better soon xx

  • thank you , hes been such a sweetie cos im in one massive flare up so its been his speciality cooking , anything on toast for the last couple of days lol

  • Awww floozy, ouch I can imagine the Pain............ hope you have founding resting helped and look forward to your Partners pampering!!!!! x x x x x

  • thank you , im forced to be still resting cos im in a dreadful flare up , and he is such a sweetie x

  • o dear lv,them socks will get you everytime...i smiled when i saw your name floozy cos for my 40th bday best friend presented me with a pic of myself in a photo frame with floozy writen on the frame in bold yellow letters lol..hope that bloody partner of yours is making it up to you,lv fm me :) xx

  • thank you , what a lovely present , would have made me smile . bless him hes such a good man , very caring and understanding just doesnt bother about putting stuff away too much me thinks i wont be too bothered anymore either x

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