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Had enough !!

up all night again itchy, twitchy all over , collapsed on sat night my legs just went, lately my hips n knees av been so painful I can't stand it, and apart from the horrible constant pain the fibro fog is getting worse, I left a pan on for 6hrs burnt black good job my fella went down , I put steamer on n forgot to put water in im leathal , but seriously im so down I can't take it any more , if I was certain I cud take an OD n be gone id do it im just scared of not takin enough n wakin up !!

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Hi Donna what a rotten night bad luck mine was much the same it was long tedious and very .painful. I am glad you are not certain about the OD that means you really dont want to do it. Good so dont think about it any more turn it around look at what you do have.:) Think of your fella he would be lost with out you.. Try and make sure you have no further accidents in the kitchen if you put a pan on put a timer on and then even if the pan is empty you will remember it do take care xgins


Hi Donna,

I do understand how desperate you must feel, but don't, I beg of you, do anything to harm yourself, because this can be sorted!

Please go to see your GP as soon as possible and tell him that you have had suicidal thoughts. Depression like this needs very urgent treatment, and secondly you must get your pain relief organised.

Most of us have had to experiment with various prescriptions before we find medication which suits us, but we're all proof that it can be done. We all have a good moan on here, and that's fine, but it's really not pain all the way - it's usually possible to reduce pain to bearable levels.

Once your pain is under control, the fogginess will improve also - I guess we all remain 'charmingly vague' but it's manageable!

Anyway, first priority is to reduce your pain and depression so please request an emergency appt. with your doc - or get your OH to insist on one. Ring 999 if you are overwhelmed by thoughts of self-harm.

Also, never be afraid to telephone Samaritans if you feel desperate - they are experts at helping people who have reached the end of their endurance. This is a 24/7 service and their listeners will be pleased to help you.

That's the emergency stuff - and please come here as often as you like for support and friendship, and tips on how to cope with fibro-fog and all the other things we battle.

Please don't give up - we would like to keep you as a member!

Please let us know how you are doing.

Love from Moffy x


i am really sorry to hear how depserate you are it reminds me of me. i have found a great counsellor to air all my trapped inner feelings pains moans have u got one prehaps may help? i have consider ODS and your fella and family friends would miss u terribly think of them when u reach breaking point and all the love u feel for them and vice versa. easier said than done i know from my own experiences. i have tried to do it before and woke up after being brought back from a dark place. x hope i have helped just a little you can private msg for chats if u wish x kindest thoughts and hope u feel bit better soon. kez x


Thanku all so much I just can't pick mysel up im at the worst I've ever been n I've been there before, getting sectioned is not nice I got my depression under some control but then got this n bam im right back where I started 15 yrs ago :-( x


Hi again, Donna- it happens, but you don't need to cope alone.

There are lots of people who can help you, so hand over the burden to the experts.

Hope you'll feel better very soon!

Moffy x


Great advice here .. If you can get an appointment with your GP ASAP and as you don't mention your meds it may be time for a meds reveiw as meds can stop working over time , also I had to try 4 anti depressants before I found one that suits me.... Also councelling if you can get some would also be a great idea...

Please keep us updated and post on here anytime

VG x


Hi Donna, I just want to say please please try and hang on to the positive and all the advice given so caringly. I was in a very similar position back in late Jan/Feb, completely at the end of my tether both physically and emotionally. It will pass Donna, though i know only too well that at the moment it wont seem so but as Moffy has said so well, you don't have to cope alone, we are all here for you, but if you need to talk one to one the Samaritans are so good, so I would urge you to call them very soon.

Sending positive vibes your way. Foggy x


I will make an app wiv doc im just full o flu , I av been thinkin for a while my anti depressants arnt working n I've had my fare share , im allergic to morphine patches n im on tramadol again but they are pretty crap x


Gentle hugs, Donna.



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